Wine Preservation Methods

Preserve Your Wine More Easily and Efficiently

Ever leave an open bottle of wine on the counter, and notice that it tastes and smells a bit off after a couple of days? Once a bottle of wine is open and oxygen enters the bottle, chemical changes begin to occur. This process is called oxidation. These chemical changes will impart negative characteristics on the wine. Therefore, if you are one of those people who opens a bottle, and likes to drink it glass by glass throughout the week, it might be a good idea to invest in a wine preservation method. A wine preservation method can ensure that your wine stays fresh and juicy for a longer period of time.

At Rosehill we carry a variety of different preservation methods. Our two most popular preservation methods include our ‘Wine Life Professional: Wine Preservation System’ and ‘The Professional Preservino System’.  

Wine Life Professional: Wine Preservation System

One of our more popular preservation methods is the ‘Wine Life Professional: Wine Preservation System’. This preservation system contains a blend of nitrogen and carbon dioxide. It is completely odorless, colourless, and flavourless. Therefore, applying it regularly to your open bottle of wine will not influence the taste or smell of your wine. Once applied to your bottle the gas will settle on top and create a barrier between the wine and the oxygen. Each canister costs 12.95$, and includes 120 applications.

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Professional Preservino System

The ‘Professional Preservino System’ utilizes argon gas. Argon gas is an inert gas. This means that argon is unreactive, and will not influence the taste, smell, or appearance of your wine. The application of argon to your bottle of wine ensures that there is a barrier between the wine and the oxygen. The good thing about this system is that once you have applied the gas to your bottle of wine you don’t need to keep adding it. This is because the system uses a stopper that you insert into the bottle. The stopper ensures that the argon gas does not escape from the bottle.

At Rosehill we sell the ‘Preservino System’ as a gift set. The gift set includes a dispenser, one argon cartridge, two stoppers, and a wooden gift box.

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A convenient and quick comparison chart of the two systems: 

Wine Life Professional: Wine Preservation System Professional Preservino System
  • Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide
  • Argon Gas
  • Consumer needs to continuously re-apply gas every time they open the bottle
  • No need to continuously re-apply gas
  • Does not influence the wine
  • Does not influence the wine
  • 12.95$
  • 69.95$
  • Creates an effective barrier between wine and oxidation
  • Creates an effective barrier between wine and oxidation
  • Convenient short term solution, with 120 applications
  • Longer more permanent solution, and could be a great gift idea for a wine lover


Helpful Tip: When you leave open bottles of wine it is important to make sure that at the very least you preserve your cork and re-cork it as best you can. This is a convenient and quick way to stopper your bottle in case you don’t have a stopper handy. This will also slow down the oxidation process. Make sure to try and push the cork back into the bottle as much as you can! You can always use a corkscrew to get it back out again later.