Cheerfully Inexpensive Decanting Options

Decanters are important, because they help aerate your red wine, as well as get rid of any sediment that may be present in the bottle. Here at Rosehill we carry many elaborate and more expensive decanters. However, although you might be interested in purchasing a decanter, you may not want to break the bank. At Rosehill we carry some very affordable and practical decanters, in addition to our more intricate options. Here are some suggestions that are all reasonably priced and easy to use!

Comet Wine Carafe Decanter

This is a lovely decanter with a smart and elegant handle design. It is conveniently shaped and sized, and will store easily in your cupboard space. Made of lead-free glass, this decanter is easy to use. To view the ‘Comet Wine Carafe’, click here.

Merlot Decanter

Another great inexpensive decanting option is the ‘Merlot’ Riedel crystal wine decanter. This decanter is hand-made, with a very elegant and simple design. Due to its small and tasteful size, this decanter is a wonderful option, both because of its price and its practicality. Check it out by clicking here.

Swirl Decanter

If you are interested in purchasing a Riedel decanter, but you want something a little funkier than the ‘Merlot Decanter’, the ‘Swirl Decanter’ is an excellent choice. This decanter has more of a contemporary design. However, it is still reasonably priced and easy to store. To check out the ‘Swirl’ click here.