Decanter and Glassware Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Decanter and Glassware Cleaning

Cleaning wine decanters and glassware can be very tricky! Here at Rosehill we carry a line of products designed to help you clean your decanters and wine glasses without breaking or scratching them. We have everything from cleaning brushes, to decanter cleaning beads. We also carry ‘Riedel Cloths’. These cloths are microfiber clothes designed to clean all stemware.

The ‘Decanter Cleaning Beads’ are small stainless steel pellets. In order to use them, you simply put the beads into the decanter and swirl them around in some hot water. They work by gently chipping away any sediment. The cleaning beads require a little patience. However, using the beads will prevent the decanter from being scratched. In addition, the beads clean all decanters including those that a scrubbing brush might not fit into.

Rosehill also has a ‘Stainless Steel Decanter Stand’. This stand is very helpful for drying your average decanter. It includes a base that catches any drips. However, it might be a bit difficult to use if your decanter is very elaborately shaped. Rosehill also carries a ‘Wine Glass Rack Tree’, specially designed for drying all types of wine glasses.

Helpful Tip: Generally, speaking it is advised that you do not use any strong detergents when cleaning your decanter or wine glasses. Strong detergents and soaps might affect the taste of your wine. The best way to clean a decanter is just with a bit of hot water and baking soda. Make sure to let the decanter soak, and scrub away at the sediment gently with a scrubbing brush if you need to.