Four Questions to Answer Before Buying a Wine Fridge

1)      How many bottles are you looking to store?

This is important because this number will dictate whether you need a simple under the counter wine fridge or a larger unit. Smaller wine fridges are often designed to be built into your kitchen. These fridges are excellent for serving and are usually dual zone. Dual zone means that you can store red wine and white wine at different temperatures.

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2)      Are you looking to build the wine fridge in?

Wine fridges need space for venting. Therefore, most fridges need about 3 inches of venting space around them. However, fridges that can be built in have front venting. If you want to build the fridge into your kitchen the fridge needs to have front venting.

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3)      Where are you going to keep the fridge?

There are many different styles of fridges. If you’re looking for something that you can put in your basement and forget about, we have some decently priced options. You also don’t necessarily need the fridge to be front vented in this case.

4)      Do you need a wine fridge for immediate serving?

If you are interested in cellaring your wine, a temperature of approximately 55 to 57 ° F is adequate for storing both red and white wines. You only need a dual zone fridge if you’re interested in keeping your white wines at a ready to serve temperature.