Bar and Wine Cabinets – Entertain in Style

Masquerading as ornamental decor in a residential living room, wine cabinets can suddenly metamorphisize into very convenient furniture when it comes to entertaining large groups of friends.  These upscale and attractive appliances are very practical utensils for people throwing parties. No longer does the host of the gathering have to stand in the kitchen and serve drinks or play waiter and weave their way back and forth with glassware, with these handsome bar and wine cabinets in the home, everything is conveniently organized and well within reach right in the center of the wine room.

Wine bar cabinets, especially a Howard Miller bar furniture and wine cabinet can add a certain sense of sophistication and style to a wine room that cannot be achieved by other types of furniture. If your home decor is formal, country or modern, then Rosehill Wine Cellars has a bar or wine cabinet that will perfectly compliment your personality and style.

This unit is large enough to store your entire wine collection, and so in this respect it’s a mini wine cellar that can be deployed anywhere in the house.  Styling of the Le Cache Euro series is drawn from the elegance of Western European Traditional furniture. The Euro series features select choice hardwood doors with beautiful European windows, elegant crown and base molding, and hand-crafted panel detailing.  If you want lots of style bar furniture, but do not have a lot of space to devote to one, maybe you’d like to build a wine cabinet right into the wall.

To the left, you can see an attractive four-door custom wine cabinet in walnut that features two sets of exterior grade double doors with glass inlay.  This finish provides a crystal clear view of the homeowner’s wine collection, and the view outside the window is equally spectacular.  The four door wine cabinet is ideal for maximizing wine storage in a narrow area.  The wood stain on the walnut complements perfectly the burnt orange on the couch. Highlighting the collection, led lighting is used inside the custom wine cabinet and within the condo.

Installing a small wine fridge in the kitchen has never been easier; there are so many pre-built models that consumers can likely find something to fit any existing space.  As with most furniture, there are predominant themes and styles that dominate the entire category. Colonial, Euro, Art Deco, Americana are just some of the furniture styles, and there are also many different finishes. Rosehill Wine Cellars has wine cabinets that are all metal exterior or stained wood (solid oak or beech wood) with a red, brown or black hue. Ask the sales staff to list all available options and select the finish that is the most future proof in your home or work space. Cavavin offers wine rack cabinets in Wild Cherry, Oak, Pine, and Stainless Steel. Le Cache also offers stained wood finishes including cherry wood wine rack cabinets, while Wine CellR units are predominantly made of metal and most have stainless steel exteriors.

Some wine cabinets are meant to be placed flat against a wall, as you see below, while others are designed to help shape a room and be the center of attention.  In some cases the wine bar itself becomes the primary seating area where wine tastings can occur.  A wine cabinet that’s shaped like a traditional bar with stools and a kick rail on the front can create a more authentic pub-like atmosphere.

Some units are small and simple in design. Others are elaborate, ornate, large and expensive. Not all units include a wine rack. Therefore, if you want to store wine for longer periods of time in your wine cabinet, you would be well advised to restrict your search to models that include wine rack.

Foot Railings: This is a great feature to have on more traditional bars (that are wine cabinets that open at the back), because it makes guests feel more comfortable and it adds authenticity to your home bar.  If you are looking for something substantial with plumbing and electricity usual, your best bet is to seek out custom shops bar / cabinet that can design, build and install your home bar for you.