Eisch Decanters

Decanters make great gifts, especially for weddings. Rosehill has a wide selection of stemware and Wine Decanters. In addition, to our line of Riedel Decanters we also carry a varied selection of Eisch Decanters. These beautiful and uniquely designed decanters are each handmade in Germany. Eisch Decanters are famous for the ‘No Drop Effect’. This effect prevents wine drips from running down the side of the decanter. This is brought about by a special treatment of the glass. I have outlined my four favourite Eisch Decanters below. However, we have a lot more available on our website.

Something Slightly Twisted 

The ‘Twisted Duck’ is a play on the traditional duck decanter. However, this version has a twisted handle. This handle is not only funky, but also practical, making this decanter easy to use.

A Decanter that will Blow You Away

The ‘Eisch Twister’ is a beautiful and elegant decanter. It is tall and regal, and comes with a metal stand. This ensures that storing and serving is not an awkward or arduous task.

The Sleek and Stealthy Jaguar

The ‘Eisch Jaguar’ is stunning in its simple elegance. For those who would like a decanter, but do not want anything too elaborate this is a beautiful choice. This decanter also comes with a metal stand, making it easy to store and set down on a table.

The Sleek and Stealthy Jaguar with Handle

If you are a fan of the ‘Eisch Jaguar’, but find the metal stand cumbersome, we also have a ‘Jaguar’ available with a handle. This decanter is just as sleek and stealthy, but it has a slightly flattened bottom allowing it to sit easily on any surface. Furthermore, the handle makes it is easy to use.