EuroCave Wine Cabinets & The New EuroCave App

For those of you who are not familiar with the EuroCave line of wine cabinets, these cabinets are internationally renowned for their quality. The cabinet is designed to control temperature as well as stabilize it, because it is equipped with both a cooling mechanism and a heating element. The shelves are assembled to further limit vibrations. In addition, the shelves are designed  with the ‘Main du Sommelier’. This means that each shelf has individual shells that cradle each bottle, and ensure maximum stability. Furthermore, the units are made in France.

If you want to take a look at our line of EuroCave Wine Cabinets, please click here.

EuroCave also offers applications for your smartphone. They have released a new app that helps you organize your wine cabinet, as well as create a virtual version of your cabinet. It also helps you choose an appropriate bottle of wine for dinner parties and other social events. You can wow your friends with your wine knowledge by entering the type of wine you are drinking into the app, and it will determine the region. You can also use the app to deduce when your wine is ready to drink. Finally, the app allows access to EuroCave advice should you need it. Check out the video below.