Rosehill Wine Cellars was built on the trade in wooden wine racks for residential and commercial wine cellars.  We make small and easy-to-assemble wooden wine racks for DIY home wine cellars, and we manufacture on-site here in Mississauga many large commercial wine racking systems for restaurants and other wine storage and tasting venues.

Why Choose Wooden Wine Racks?

Rosehill Wine Cellars considers a wine rack to be any shelf or set of shelves created for the (organized) storage of wine. Wine racks can be built out of a number of different materials. The size of the racks and the number of bottles it can hold can vary widely. Wine racks can be located in a winemaker’s professional wine cellar as well as private homes.

scrap wood cuts at Rosehill wine cellar shop

Different types of wood are used to make wine racks.

Wood is considered the best material for wine racks becuase it absorbs micro vibrations which are caused by many things including unbalanced loads in washing machines, heavy people walking in the home and nearby automotive traffic (especially garbage compactor trucks – arrghh). The wood soaks up these little shakes and shimmies which can ruin wine if they occur persistently over long periods of time.Rosehill Wine cellars uses premium redwood, maple, mahogany,  oak, and black walnut to make their custom wooden wine racks. We do not use aromatic woods like cedar or poplar as their exotic smells can contaminate fine wine through wooden corks.

Our wooden wine racks are attractive, durable and come in several designs. Each of these racking systems comes with instructions on how to assemble the shapes and styles which often results in a finely customized wine cellar.

Most wine racks are constructed to hold the standard 750 ml bottles. To hold oversize or different shaped bottles special wine racks needs to be custom built.  Research modular wooden wine racks and select from 88″ high wine racks,  in a variety of shapes and sizes for various functions and storage requirements. This racking system is also available in 6ft plus racks – please see here for more information.

Wine racks have increased in popularity among the wine consumers and, therefore wine racks manufacturers have come up with more daring and innovative designs, shapes and functionality of their more modern pieces.

Wall mounted wine racks are special racking systems that can be placed on the wall of the wine cellar or, for short term storage (decor) they can be placed anywhere inside a residential home. The handy racks can be made of different materials, including wood and metal and they come in various shapes and designs that will fit any decor.   Wall mounted wine racks are great space savers and are typically used for decoration and not for longer term wine storage. They generally hold only one or just few bottles of wine since their main purpose is to give elegance to a certain space. The wall mounted wine racks may also have wine glass racks incorporated into the mix. Some wine racks even make space for decanters and other accessories.

Many buyers use wine racks as pieces of ornament and not only as a storage method. Hence, the industry of wine racks has developed, bringing more wine racks with improved functionality.

Contemporary wine racks with a modern flair, Millesime wine racks combine wood and metal, and can be customized in both height and width to accommodate almost any space.  The company advertises that this rack system showcases wine from every angle.

“Building on a decade of solid and exciting achievements in the wine cellar industry, we believe it was time to bring wine cellar racking to a new level.”

Designed for flexibility, Millesime racks affix to the floor and ceiling, which means that their positioning is unlimited.

Below you can see an attractive indoor wine cellar with wooden wine racks safe behind a glass wine cellar door. You can even see the light switch which is likely on a timer so that there can be no chance of the wine ever being baked to death by bright lights left burning through negligence.

People who are more inclined towards the simplicity and earth things, often find that wooden wine racks are the best option for their personal style.

Modular Redwood Wine Racks - customer photo shared by Rob Lamont, thanks Rob!

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