Myths about Wine and its Storage

Over years wine has remained a popular drink and not only people prefer drinking it out in the restaurants they also love collecting it. Wine is the most natural form of alcohol, made form fermenting the grapes on their own without any additives. Wine bottles can be found at homes also from a very long period of time. As people are reading more and gaining knowledge and as more and more studies are published, there are many myths about wine that can dupe us. Due to the any myths about wine pertaining in the society, people do not understand how to properly store wine and do not understand it totally. We here have listed down some of the many common wine myths that will help you to know this delightful drink in a better manner.

1.Open the bottle prior to drinking to make it taste better

Uncorking the bottle few hours before drinking is no in no way a measure to make your wine taste better. It has been proven in studies that if you open the wine bottle before drinking it will not allow the wine to taste good and open it up. The method of aerating it for an hour is totally ineffective. The main reason is that the neck of the wine bottle is not so wide that it will  make any difference to both the aroma and its taste if you let it sit for an hour. If you are planning to drink an older wine the better method would be to decant it as this allows the sediments formed at the bottom of the bottle to be removed easily. If you really want to aerate it then leave the wine in oyur glass as it will let the air to open it up.

2.  All the different varieties of German wines taste sweet

Many people have a wrong conception that all German wines taste sweet. It is a known fact that Germans are the best at producing sweet wine but saying they produce only German wine is totally wrong. They also produce dry wine.

3. Cellars to store wine which is costly

It is totally wrong to say that you can store wine only in cellars.  As you will later learn in this article that older wines are not necessarily be the better ones, you should also know that you can store wine at your homes and you need no cellar with perfect conditions in order to store your wine bottles. You can buy a wine fridge or cabinet that will help you to store your wine perfectly at a controlled temperature. Make sure that you do not place your wine cabinet in a very warm room and should not be placed in direct contact of sunlight as it will prevent temperature fluctuations.

4. White wines causes less headaches than red wine

If you love red wine over white wine, but you do not prefer drinking it as it is known to cause more headache than white wine you should not worry anymore as it is another myth. People believe as red wines have higher sulfite content in them, that the reason they relate it with headaches. Sulfites can result in an allergic reaction, but they do not cause headaches. Our body also produces sulphites and there are many daily food items that we eat have sulfite content in them. So if you love red wine do not hesitate to drink it up.


5. to taste different wines you need different glasses

It is an interesting myth that you need different type of glasses for different wines but it is totally wrong. You do not need glasses in tulip shaped or different glasses to place the wine on different places on your tongue, just get a round bottomed glass that has a tapered top which will help you to get the wine aroma in a better way towards your nose.

6. Red Wines do not required to be chilled

It is said that you should serve white wines chilled but you should not serve red wine chilled. At a temperature range of 55 degree to 65 degree red wines have a better taste. But, you should serve lighter red wines cooler, the bolder ones can be served a little warmer.

7. To determine the quality you should check the “wine legs”

If you do not know what are wine legs then you need not worry much about it. They are clear stream of viscous fluid that you can see running inside the glass when you have swirled your wine. It is wrong to say that these streams give an indication of the wine quality. They just show the amount of alcoholic content in the wine. The clearer or more pronounced these wine legs are, the more alcoholic the wine is.

8. Wine quality can be known by smelling its cork

Smelling the cork is not a good way to know the wine quality, you should instead see if there are nay mould or cracks on the cork.