Types of Wine Cabinets

Who does not know about one of the most famous drinks on romantic dinner dates? Yes we are talking about wine, an alcoholic drink which is made from the fermented grapes. Probably people who have sworn not to drink also sometimes like to taste them. There are many people in the world who likes to keep wine in stock with them. Some people are real serious collectors of fine wine bottles. No matter if you keep lesser bottles of wine or many bottles, you will need a good wine cabinet in order to keep the bottles properly. Some people prefer wine racks but wine cabinets are more handy and safer to keep the bottles. There are many different kinds of wine cabinet available in the stores; you can choose any according to your taste and something which matches your home decor. Read on this article which will serve you as a guide to help you choose a beautiful wine cabinet for yourself.

Wine cabinets let you store the bottles for long and short term use. They will not only keep your wine stored properly but they are a good mean if you want to show your wine collection to people. Wine stored and served at the right temperature is important for better taste as well as for proper aging of the wine and wine cabinets let you do this. Like all the different furniture you found in the market, wine cabinets are also available in different sizes, shapes, colour, material and different price range.

A wine cabinet is better over a fridge as it has controlled temperature and lighting and unlike in a fridge there are no vibrations in a wine cabinet. There are many shelves in a wine cabinet which will help you to store your wine collection. Wine collections are good as they help you to protect your bottles from breaking. Wine cabinets are also available with options like multiple temperatures, single temperature and also in 2-3 temperature wine cabinets.

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Traditional wine cabinets are made from high class and rich wood like cherry or mahogany with elegant finish as well as in Queen Anne style. Traditional wine cabinets are meant for those people who like elegance and simplicity. The styling of such cabinets have ornate detailing, carved legs and a hardware that is traditional. You can find a traditional wine cabinet with or without a front door. You can put such a wine cabinet in a room with beautiful furniture, though traditional wine cabinets go with all kind of decor. Put them in a rom where they can be easily noticed so that they can serve your purpose of showing off oyur collection.


Spanish wine cabinets can be your choice if you like sophistication as these wine cabinets though simple but are very attractive. If you have a huge collection of wine then go for a Spanish styles wine cabinet as they have a front door that will have have open shelves below which will help you to store more wine bottles. There are different kind of Spanish wine cabinets available that have different storage capacity and can store a maximum of 21 wine bottles. There are featured with beautiful pull wine drawers which makes them more attractive. The most eye catching feature about these kinds of wine cabinets are that they come wirth place behind the front door which can be used to hang wine glasses.


One of the most purchased kind of wine cabinets are transitional wine cabinets. Apart form shelves that are used to store wine bottles, these kind of wine cabinets are also come with place that can be used to hang your steamware. They are made of ususlaly these three kind of woods: pine, oak or walnut. With many shelves to store your wine you will also get a table top attached to the cabinet which makes it easier to serve wine.


If you ahve a modern decor in your house this is the one you have to go for. Contemporary wine cabinwetrs usually are made up form wrought iron. They are mainly metallic wine cabinets which may come incooperasted with marble or glass makings. Its a good option for people to consider who are not much upto buying wooden items. They usually have glass shelves to store the bottles and have arched tops. These kind of cabinets also also have locked doors to protect your wine.

These different style wine cabinets can be bought at different price ranges which can start form 150 US dollar to some thousand dollars. wine cabinets will protect the bottles and also it will be an easier mean to display them. Apart from these styles, there are many more and in many more different sizes.