If you are new to the wine drinking world and are looking to start a wine collection, Wine Cell’R carries practical and affordable wine fridges. Wine Cell’R designs fridges with front venting, meaning that they can stand alone or be built in. Rosehill carries several different models designed to suit any wine collectors desires. Below I feature two of our smaller fridges, both great if you are looking to start a wine collection.

The WC-46-PRO

If you are new to wine collecting and are looking for a small wine fridge to hold between 30 and 50 bottles, Wine Cell’R has several options. The Wine Cell’R WC-46 has a 46 bottle capacity with front venting. In addition, this option is dual zone. This means that you can store your whites at a ready to serve temperature. Therefore, this fridge would be ideal to build into your kitchen.

The WC-52 BKTS

Another great dishwasher sized option is the Wine Cell’R WC-52 BKTS. This is similar to the WC-46 PRO; however, this option is single temperature. The WC-52 BKTS can also be built in. This fridge is a good option if you are keen to store more of your red wines. Naturally, you can store your whites as well, but you will have to move them to the fridge in order to chill them prior to serving.