Quick Wine Storage Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Having an impressive collection of wine bottles is definitely something to boast about. People who are wine collectors will not only impress their friends and family members with their extensive range of wines, but they will also be able to sip from this delicious beverage each and every day and have a great time in the company of their loved ones. However, wine can lose its quality and taste if it is not stored properly. In order to avoid this, wine collectors should do their best in order to deposit their wine bottles in the most suitable conditions. If you recently started to collect wine bottles, here is what you need to do in order to store them safely and enjoy them for a long period of time.

Choose an appropriate space in the house


Beginners shouldn’t really spend a fortune on building a huge wine cellar somewhere in their properties. Especially if their wine collection is relatively small at the moment, they might want to repurpose a closet and modify it in order to be suitable for storing wine bottles. Later on, these wine collectors can expand their storage space once their wine collection is larger.

Store wine bottles in stainless steel cabinets or racks

When thinking about wine storage cabinets or wine cellars, most people immediately picture a large closet made from wood. Although this material is perfect for storing a huge amount of wine bottles, metals can be equally convenient. For example, stainless steel is perfect for creating a durable wine rack or wine cabinet. This material is aseptic, it doesn’t allow the accumulation of mold and mildew, it will last for a lifetime and it also looks modern and minimalistic.

Keep the wine cabinets cool

This is extremely important. Heat is a big enemy when it comes to storing wine and it can cause the wine bottles to “cook”. As a result, the taste of the wine will be modified and not in a good way. Wine collectors should invest in a top quality cooling system that will keep the wine storage area at a temperature between 45 degree and 65 degree Fahrenheit. Therefore, the wine collectors will be able to preserve their wine bottles in a fine condition for years and enjoy a fresh, delicious taste of wine all the times.

Keep your wine bottles away from the light

In a similar fashion, light is also a big enemy for the wine bottles. Wine collectors should do their best in order to keep their bottles of wine away from direct sunlight. Also, the light which comes from bulbs can be dangerous too and it can make the wine labels fade in the long run. It is advisable to use incandescent lighting bulbs instead of fluorescent bulbs as the latter ones emit a small amount of ultraviolet light which might damage the wine quality over the years. This is basically the reason why wine comes in colored glass bottles – to be protected against excessive amounts of light.

Store the wine bottles sideways

Wine bottles have been stored sideways for hundreds of years and for a very good reason. This position allows the liquid to press against the cork and prevent it from drying. If the cork dries, air will get inside the bottle and the wine quality will decrease over time. However, if the wine collector plans to drink his wine in the following weeks then he can safely store his wine bottles vertically as the cork won’t dry that soon.

Ensure the right humidity in the wine storage area

Ideally, the area that stores wine bottles should feature a humidity of about 70 percent. However, wine collectors must know that anything between 50 and 80 percent humidity is considered safe. In order to preserve the wine bottles in the best conditions possible, wine collectors might want to place a pan of water in the wine storage cabinet or cellar. Similarly, if the humidity is too high, using a dehumidifier is a good call.

Make sure that the wine bottles don’t freeze

It is important to protect the wine bottles from excessive heat, but they should also be protected from excessive coolness. Therefore, keeping the wine bottles in the freezer for a very long time will eventually make the wine form ice crystals and push the cork out. Also, keeping the ice bottles in an unheated garage during winter can be detrimental for the quality of wine. Again, it is best to keep the wine bottles between 45 and 65 degree Fahrenheit for more peace of mind.

Additionally, it wouldn’t be bad for you to preserve your wine bottles in a top quality wine cabinet or rack. We supply excellent wine storage products for our clients and we also have an extensive collection of wine accessories and wine cooling units at reasonable prices.