Top 17 Facts For Wine Lovers

A small break... with wine

For thousands of years, wine has been the most popular and preferred drink in the world and it has been enjoyed in all corners of the world by all types of civilizations. Even today, wine remains an excellent choice when it comes to enjoying alcoholic beverages and it is very likely that millions of people have a glass of wine in this very second. But why is wine so popular? Well, this is an interesting question, but even more interesting are the following facts about wine!

1. Depending on their age, the smell of wine is called differently. For young wines, their scent is called an “aroma”. The scent of more mature wines is called “bouquet”.

2. Never “cork-tease” the guests. “Cork-teasing” actually means speaking in front of the guests, relatives or family members about opening a bottle of wine, but never putting this into practice.

3. Women, drink 2 glasses of wine a day and you will have better sex! It has been found that those women who enjoy 2 glasses of wine (any wine) per day will be more satisfied in bed. Obviously, these studies have been done by the Italians who are renowned for excellent wine brands.

4. Regular wine drinking in moderate quantities is healthy. More and more studies show the fact that those who drink a moderate amount of wine on a regular basis can reduce the risk of developing gum disease, stroke or Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Red wine contains more antioxidants than white wine. Alongside with those antioxidants, red wine also contains resveratrol which protects the heart and reduces the risk of stroke and coronary diseases.

6. California is among the biggest wine producers in the world. The first places are occupied by the Europeans represented by France, Italy and Spain.

7. Wine is best served in glasses that feature a curved rim at the top. As a result, the wine will preserve its aroma better and it will be tastier. Also, if the glass is very thin then the aroma will be preserved even better. On the other hand, flaring glasses allow the aroma to vanish and the wines won’t be that delicious afterwards.

8. Never store the wine in the kitchen. This is actually the worst place where wine can be stored because this room is almost always too warm. In some cases, people put the wine in their fridges, but this place is too cold, even if the refrigerator is at the warmest setting.

9. Wine and food develop a magical third flavor. When wine is combined with food, they usually develop another aroma or flavor that is not given by tasting those two alone.

10. Different types of wines go well with certain types of foods. For example, richer wines such as red ones go well with red meat. On the other hand, white wines go well with white meat or fish and lastly, sweet wines can be combined with desserts.

11. Always hold the glass of wine by his stem. Some people make the mistake to hold the glass of wine by the bowl, but this is not a good idea as the heat of the hand will raise the temperature of the wine. The correct way to serve wine is by holding the glass by its stem.

12. Know the difference between “dumb” and “numb” wines. A lot of Cabernet-Sauvignons are considered to be “dumb” wines. Such a wine doesn’t feature any odor at first, but it has the possibility to develop a pleasant smell in the future. On the other hand, “numb” wines don’t have a particular odor at the moment and they won’t be able to develop one in the future either.

13. One ton of grapes can produce 60 cases of wine. That actually means about 720 wine bottles. Therefore, one bottle of wine features no more than 2.8 pounds of grapes.

14. Aging makes wines change their colors. With the passing of time, red wines will eventually lose their original color and develop a nuance of brick red. On the other hand, white wines tend to gain color and they will eventually become golden or even brown-yellow.

15. Wine chemists are called enologists. They actually analyze each and every type of wine and provide useful advice to winemakers.

16. Wine has a more profound effect on women than men. This happens because women have less of an enzyme in their stomach that helps processing wine and other alcoholic beverages.

17. There is even a fear or phobia of wine. It is called oenophobia and it affects only a very small of the world’s population.

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