Top Factors To Consider When You Want The Perfect Custom Wine Cellar Design

Custom wine cellars should be designed in a unique way that you prefer. You can then define the elements needed to bring that design to life. If you want the cellar to function at its very best, you have to know the factors to consider in having the perfect custom wine cellar design that you have always dreamed of.

Let’s talk wine cellar style, size and space


When thinking of wine cellar style and size, you have to bear some important factors in mind. For one, you should know the number of bottles you will store in the cellar. You should also be able to know where you will be placing the cellar. In another, you have to weigh in on whether you want the cellar for functionality or for beauty or for both. When choosing space, on the other hand, you have to look for a spot that is not exposed directly to sunlight. Abrupt temperature changes caused by the heat of the sun can damage your wine collection. It is better to store them in cool, dark places.

Know about what should be considered when building the wine racks

One of the crucial elements in custom wine cellar design is the wine rack. You can get a variety of racking solutions from different manufacturers. Sizes may range from six to eight feet. Basically, though, wine racks are modular by nature thus bringing in more options to customise them. With its modularity, you can customise the rack and add things like bin extenders, cubicle extenders, top shelves and curved corners. Make sure that you pick a style that will match your taste. It would be good to have racks that complement your home’s interiors and enhance your wine collection’s appearance.

Another important thing to consider when it comes to choosing the perfect custom wine cellar design is the material that can be used to make the wine rack. Your choices range from different wood types that promise beauty, usability and durability to wood stains that can boost the rack’s glamour.

Picking the perfect wine cellar door

Wine cellar doors act as your gateway to accessing your precious wine collections. With this as a crucial element in a perfect custom wine cellar design, you need to give high regard to its width, door swing, casement mouldings, jamb size, hinges, stain and threshold. Some of these wine cellar doors are hand carved or glass etched but the bottom line is to get one that incorporates your touch to it.

The importance of focusing on wine cellar flooring

There are many things that should be included when you focus on wine cellar flooring. Amongst them are the use of old oak barrels, wood and other flooring materials. Remember that the flooring material is the base of your entire wine cellar. It has to be durable enough to carry your wine collection and to not be ruined by humidity.

It is highly recommended to use wood since this has the capacity to tolerate the different humidity levels inside the wine storage room. You should never consider using carpets since these materials accumulate moulds and develop mustiness as a result of humidity. You can recycle old oak barrels too if you want. These will add rustic charm and beauty to the entire wine cellar design.

Cooling system for the wine cellar design

Do not mistake a wine cellar’s cooling system with the air conditioning system you use at home. These two are entirely different from each other. Wine cooling systems are specially-engineered systems that regulate the humidity and temperature levels inside the wine cellar. Alongside the operation of this cooling system, you also have to consider ways on how to control the environment’s condition just so you can keep better wine aging in mind. The cooling system you use will either make or break the wine’s smell and taste.

You can get the wall-mounted type for your wine cellar’s cooling system. This can be vented with an air-conditioned space. Add to this, there is the so-called self-contained unit which can be placed anywhere inside the wine storage room just like you would allow your air coolers to stand freely. Split systems are also available. These ones are said to be ideal when handling even the most extreme temperature and humidity levels.

Lighting should also be considered

Lighting breathes life into your wine collection and with that, it is yet one more important element in creating your custom wine cellar design. You should decide on whether you want the cellar to have dim lights or you would rather install a fancy chandelier atop the storage area.

It is extremely important to consider all the factors above if you want your perfect wine custom cellar design to come to life and be installed in the space that you have allotted for it. You can also look for designs that are readily available, like the ones you see in our catalogue, and check whether it is a perfect example of what you have in mind.