Wine Cell’R Cabinets: Part Two

Wine Cell’R carries excellent wine fridges in varying capacities. Earlier, I addressed some of the smaller fridges that would be ideal for new collectors. There are also some fridges especially designed to be narrower and fit into tighter areas. Therefore, if you would like a wine fridge, but are struggling because you do not have a wide space Wine Cell’R has some great options for you.


One great narrower option is the Wine CellR WC-34 SSTS. This fridge has a 34 bottle capacity, and is only 15 inches wide. Furthermore, due to its front venting it can also be built in. Therefore, this is the perfect fridge if you have a narrow space in your kitchen that is crying out for a wine fridge.


If you are looking for a midsized wine fridge to hold approximately 100 bottles Wine Cell’R has a great option. It is rare for wine fridges to have a 100 bottle capacity. However, the Wine CellR WC-94 SSDZ holds up to 94 bottles. The fridge is also dual zone, and has front venting.


If you are an avid wine collector and are looking for a fridge to hold about 200 bottles Wine Cell’R has a great option for you. The Wine CellR WC-194 SSTS has front venting, shelves that extend up to 80%, and a capacity of up to 194 bottles. Moreover, the unit is available in both stainless steel and black, and can be built right into your kitchen.