Festive Wine Buckets for this Holiday Season

Here at Rosehill we have many great gift ideas for this Holiday Season. Including many fabulous wine buckets. Wine buckets are ideal for serving wine, especially if you are hosting a dinner party. They are also handy for cocktail parties, because they will keep your whites and sparkling wines cold without having to keep them refrigerated. Here are a few festive options for your holiday shopping and entertaining.

Gold Wine Bucket

You cannot get much more festive than this gold wine bucket. This wine chiller is made of acrylic plastic, and can hold one bottle of bubbly or still wine with ice. It is light weight with handles. Therefore, it is easy to transport and store. These buckets are also available in silver, purple, and clear plastic.

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Footed Centerpiece Bowl

This wine chiller is very elegantly designed, and would be perfect for a Christmas brunch, lunch or dinner. It can hold up to three bottles, and is designed with handles for easy transportation and use. Furthermore, it is footed. Therefore, it won’t create too much clutter on your table or counter.

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Celebration 7 Bottle, Double-Walled Cooler

This wine bucket is perfect for larger parties or gatherings. It would be especially ideal for a Christmas party. The bucket is designed with seven holes. The holes ensure that the bottles are easy to grab, and that they do not all fall to one side of the bucket. This design is particularly handy, because it keeps the bottles standing. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any wine spilling.

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