How to Start and Build Your Wine Collection

Building a wine collection can be an arduous task! However, it is never dull! Here are a few tips and tricks to make things easier:

  • Always remember that, just because a bottle of wine is expensive does not mean that it will be good. Research the vintage; make sure it is a good year. Also, do some research into some producers you might be interested in trying.
  • When you find a good bottle of wine at a reasonable price, do not be shy to buy more than one bottle. Especially if you have a nice large cellar to fill! There is no need to buy a whole case, but one or two bottles of a nice table wine is always a good idea.
  • Wine reviews are wonderful, but always keep in mind that taste is subjective. Make sure that you follow reviews of accredited wine consultants, and local agencies.
  • Make sure to visit local wineries when building your selection. This is a great way to buy full cases, and support the local wineries around your area.
  • Finally, drink something once in a while! It is nice to age wine, but wine was made for drinking, so do not hesitate to open a bottle!

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