Riedel Glassware for this Holiday Season

This holiday season if you are looking to get a new set of glasses for someone on your Christmas list, or if you are looking to replenish your own collection, look no further than Rosehill Wine Cellars. Rosehill Wine Cellars has a wide variety of glassware including a large selection of Riedel crystal wine glasses and decanters.

Riedel wine glasses are special. Each glass is designed to enhance the experience of enjoying a specific grape varietal. Therefore, if you want to buy only the best wine glasses this season make sure to look at our Riedel collection. Riedel determines each wine glass shape by analyzing the specific characteristics of each grape varietal, for example Pinot Noir. Ultimately, the rim diameter of the bowl, and the actual size of the bowl itself reflects the specific varietal.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars we carrythe Vinum Extreme series, and the Sommeliers series. Please check out our collection by clicking on the links above, and make sure that no wine lover on your list is without the perfect set of wine glasses this holiday season!