Making The Best Wood Choices For Your Custom Wine Cellar


When designing your wine cellar, choosing the wood to use is one of the most important decisions that you have to make. The type of wood you select will affect not just the aesthetics of the room but also the function or main purpose of wine storage. There are different wood species available and different stains you can choose from. Some of the consideration factors during wood selection include cost, aesthetics and durability of the wood.

Making the right choices

Making the right wood choices for your wine cellar is essential not just for creating an attractive space but also to enhance functionality. Selecting the wood for your cellar is not something that you should do without considering all your options. You should make the decision after weighing all the factors to ensure that your storage is resilient enough to last a long time. The type of wood that you choose will determine if you achieve your design needs and enjoy using the space. It will also help to ensure that your valuable wine collection is well protected.

Knowing the wood types

Being well informed on the different wood types and their quality is important. The truth is that there are many options out there but they are not all suitable for your needs. The style or design of your cellar should come into play when choosing wood. You need to consider the wood durability to avoid choosing wood that is all about looks while being short on function. Choose wood that will withstand wear and tear associated with everyday usage. It is important to remember that this is storage space for your prized collection and the materials need to be of the best quality.

Choosing Pine, Mahogany or Redwood

Pine, Mahogany and Redwood, are some of the most popular wine rack choices. Pine is usually the most economical option of the three wood types. The main advantage of using Pine is that it can be stained easily using most types of wood finishes. This means that when you choose pine you can get any stain color to match other furniture items in the wine cellar.

Mahogany is a great choice for making wood wine racks and shelves. The wood is durable and it is resistant to moisture decay, swelling and warping. To keep away mildew and deterioration caused by temperature changes, stain and finish the wood with lacquer. Many designers choose this wood type for premium and standard wine storage designs.

Redwood is the most common wood for wine storage shelves and rooms. The wood has natural oils that help to ward off moisture and mildew. Unstained Redwood looks perfect but you can also use water based stains to highlight the grains and enhance the beauty. The two main types of Redwood are Premium Redwood and the darker and more costly All Heart Redwood.

Your storage needs

When choosing the best wood species for your situation, you have to think about all the considerations. While all the three woods are great options, factors like your budget, specifications and storage needs will determine your final choice. You should also think about issues like aesthetics and air-conditioning when choosing wine storage. The wood can be designed into beautiful wine racks to adorn your cellar. The space available and your location will determine the best design.

Choosing the best provider

To get the best wood choices, it is a good idea to shop from the best dealer or company. Look for a company that offers variety when it comes to wood types, so that you can get exactly what you need. By choosing from the top-grade wood species available, you can ensure that you enjoy your wine cellar design experience. A good wine cellar company will provide options to help you choose any style and taste and you can benefit from the best design and installation services.

Customized wine cellar

The availability of different products in the market allows you to have a customized wine cellar that will suit your home design needs. Apart from the wood type, you should also think about other accessories you need in your cellar. Talk to the design consultant about the look that you want for your home and find out what is within your budget. You can get unique wine racks that will be the perfect display for your valuable wine collection.

The good news is that even though you are not sure about what you want, you can get cellar design inspiration from different sources including the internet. It is very important to choose a design that will blend in well with your entire home design. Think about the style of your home when making the decision. If you intend to sell your home someday, your wine cellar can go a long way in enhancing the value of your home. It is a good idea to design a cellar that can hold different types of wine, regardless of the size of the bottles.