Popular Types Of Wood Wine Rack Designs

Wine is admittedly the only drink on earth that gets better with age. Others simply spoil and of course, lose taste. From that angle, it makes sense to store your wine well. After all, you will have it for a long time. Then as you will find out, there is a direct link between the taste of wine and how it is stored. Store the drink well and you will certainly enjoy it. So just what does it take to store your wine well? Is it enough to go for the most expensive rack and relax from then on? Certainly not! Read on to find out what you need to know about wine and wine racks.

Different types of rack designs


There are as many wood wine rack designs as there are wine brands. Choosing one that can fit your needs may not be easy, especially if you are new to the world of wine tasting and storage. You may have to consider how the rack you wish to go for can affect the aesthetic appeal of your home. You may also have to take into account factors like temperature. That is, the rack you go for should be able to let you store your wine collection under the right temperatures for wine. Consider the following little known wood wine rack designs. Then go for one that suits your needs.


Any wine lover will tell you for a fact that having your wine collection noticed and admired by guests is a priceless feeling. It is in fact more than a pat back or even a complement. That is where freestanding wood wine racks come into the picture. The design will allow you to display your wine collection in a way that can grab anyone’s attention. The design can double up as a storage unit as well as a decorative piece. That explains why they may sometimes come along with hefty price tags.

Note that other materials can be used to come up with freestanding wine racks. They can also be made of polished, wrought iron. They are ideal where one wants to save on space or where one has weak walls that cannot hold wall mounted wine racks. You can choose to bolt your freestanding wine rack on the floor for safety purposes or simply to prevent the bottles from breaking should the rack topple.

Modular design

It is also known as the stackable design. Its main highlight is the fact that it can expand. In simple terms, one can make extra space for more bottles by adding more frames to the existing modular racks. The rack is therefore ideal for any wine lover who wishes to start a small collection and add to the collection as time goes by. Note that though wooden modular designs are the most popular, other materials can still be used just as noted with the aforementioned design. Iron and even sometimes plastic may be used.

Under cabinet racks

They are popular for a simple reason – they are cheap. They are also easy to find. Online and offline stores have them in plenty. You can attack your under cabinet rack on your kitchen island to save on space and use it to store stemware. Note that you will need fasteners should you choose to store the rack on the kitchen island. Like the aforementioned freestanding design, the under cabinet design will allow you to showcase your collection with ease.

Wall mounted racks

Wall mounted wine racks may also be referred to as hanging designs. They are sturdy and often come in a wide range of designs and shapes. It all depends on the creativity of the person making the rack. Go for a sizeable hanging design if you have just a handful of wine collections. You may also want to consider wall mounted racks if you wish to save on space and display your collection to your guests.

Freestanding countertop designs

They are ideal where enough space is not available to allow one to go for floor wine racks or wall mounted racks. You can have the freestanding countertop design anywhere inside the house. The rack saves on space and is easy to install. They come in a wide range of capacities from 2 bottles to 12. Note that you can always go for customized freestanding countertop designs that can hold more wine bottles. Note too that some freestanding countertop designs come complete with inbuilt temperature controllers. They are of course expensive but convenient.

Antique racks

Like most collectors’ items, antique wood wine racks are often costly. You may have to part away with lots of cash to get just one. You can buy one from an online merchant store or from an auction site. Be careful to avoid getting ripped off. Take note of such things as the previous owner, the price, design and material used to make the rack. Take note too on the kind of reviews the store you wish to buy the antique rack from has attracted. Keep off any online store or establishment with negative reviews.