Update Your Home With A Connoisseur’s Wine Cellar!

In order to display your wine collection in its best light, you need to ensure that you create the best storage conditions. Many homeowners are choosing to create a space for their wine collection and this has seen a growing trend in the demand for wine cellars. Whether you live in an apartment or a

sprawling mansion, you can create the perfect space for your favorite vino! It is a good idea to work with a professional wine cellar designer so that you can create a space that you will love. Following are some tips that will prove to be helpful when creating your wine cellar.

The best cellar location


The first thing you need to do is to determine the best location for the wine cellar. The location is a very important consideration and you need to make sure that you choose a space that does not get direct sunlight and it should maintain the right temperature and humidity. Understanding the fundamentals is very important when building a cellar as it helps to ensure your space works efficiently and consistently. The basement is usually the best location for a cellar and if you have one you need not look any further.

The size of the cellar

You need to determine the size of cellar that you want. This will depend on your wine collection, but you also need to consider your future needs. The size will come into play when considering the temperature and humidity. Remember that the temperature will determine how your wine ages and it can also affect the taste and quality of your wine. Controlling the humidity will help to prevent wine spoilage that occurs when the cork dries out. The good news is that depending on the design, you might not need too much space for your wine storage. Do not forget that you will also need space for an exhaust room.

The framing and insulation

When planning the space, you need to think about the framing, insulation and installing of the drywall. You can use basic walls to frame the space but thicker walls allow for more or thicker insulation. This means that you can create a more controlled environment. After putting up the walls, you need to install insulation. Spray-foam insulation is a great option and it helps to create a vapor barrier, which is vital for your cellar. You can also choose other types of insulation but be careful about the installation. Using mildew and mold resistant drywall on the interior is necessary.

Installing a wine cooling unit

A wine cooling unit is different from regular cooling units as it also helps to control the humidity. While the units do not add humidity, they work by removing any excess moisture. There are different methods and products in the market that can keep the space cool. Through-wall units are usually the best option as they are effective and easy to install. The units are installed through the wall framing and they create a cold room and warm room on different sides of the wall. The cellar remains cool with controlled humidity, while the exhaust room absorbs the heat coming out of the cellar room.

Installing the best lighting

You have to think about the best lighting for the cellar room. Light plays a major role when it comes to the function and aesthetics of the room. Choose your lighting carefully bearing in mind that you want the room to remain cool while also looking attractive. If you want to leave the lights on in the cellar, the lighting you choose is vital. It is important to know that regular incandescent and halogen bulbs tend to produce too much heat and they are not appropriate for use in the wine cellar. The best lighting options are LED lights, which emit almost no heat. Track lights and LED strip lights can work perfectly.

The wine cellar door

It is important to create a good doorway seal for the wine cellar. You can choose frameless glass doors to allow you to enjoy the best viewing experience into the space. The best doors will display your collection, while enhancing the overall décor. You need to create a seal in the cellar doorway and this should be done following the best installation techniques. A good quality door should be well insulated and if you choose to use glass, make sure that it is double-paned.

Displaying your wine

You need to decide the best way to display your wine. This will determine how beautiful your wine cellar will look and it means choosing the best cabinets, wine racks and other accessories. Choose custom shelving or cabinets to get the best results and remember that you can create a unique design according to your needs. You can use different storage units or methods to add some interest in the room.

Work with a professional designer to create the best wine cellar for your home today; talk to us and let us make your dream wine cellar come to life!