What You Should Know Before Transforming Your Basement Into A Wine Cellar


If you have been looking for great idea to transform your basement, you need to consider turning it into a wine cellar. This will give you a great space to store your wine. Whether you are a wine connoisseur or you are new to wine collection, a cellar can give your home some much-needed transformation. You can create a great space to entertain and display your collection. If you have been storing your wine bottles in the kitchen and you are quickly running out of space, extra storage will come in handy. With a basement wine cellar, you have the opportunity to curate your favorite vintages conveniently.

Wine requires proper storage and your regular kitchen cabinets simply will not do! Any wine enthusiast will tell you that storage affects the quality of the wine. If you have been looking for extra wine storage space, look no further than your basement. You can create a proper home for your collection, while giving your basement the makeover that it needs. The following tips will help you to create the right space for your wine.


  •  The space available

You can make the best use of your space depending on how large your wine collection is. You do not have to transform your entire basement and you can simply install wine cabinets in one corner and leave space for other functions. You can repurpose a closet in the basement if you have limited space. When planning the design for your cellar, consider your current as well as your future needs. If you are planning to take wine collecting seriously, you have to make sure that you have adequate space for future purchases. You also need to think about the size of cabinets or racks that you want to install.


  • Controlling the climate

Your wine cellar needs a controlled climate to ensure the best storage environment. Investing in a HVAC system that is wine cellar specific is a great idea. This is a unit that is designed specifically for use in wine storage spaces. The best unit will help to keep the space consistent and in the proper balance between humidity and temperature. This is something that is difficult to do with conventional HVAC systems. Talk to a wine cellar expert about the best unit for your home.


  • Insulating the basement

Your basement space needs to be properly insulated to make it ideal for wine storage. If you cannot afford the special HVAC unit, you can use insulation to control the temperature. When choosing insulation, you need to consider different factors like your geographical location. It is a good idea to get professional inspection to find out the best option for your space. Insulation that is ideal for hot areas will be different from that which is perfect for cold areas. Preventing mold and condensation buildup in the space is vital.


  • Traditional or contemporary

Choosing materials for your wine cellar is important as it helps to create the look that you desire. If you are going for the traditional look, wood is a great option. For the contemporary look, you can choose stainless steel wine racks. Make sure that you choose the right materials to prevent contamination. The materials that you choose will determine how well you store your wine and you can avoid loses by finding out the best options. Remember that wine protection is the main consideration. Wood that requires minimal finish for the natural look is a great option for the traditional look.


  • Avoid using paints

When designing your basement space for a wine cellar, you should try to stay away from paints. If you must use paint or finish on the surfaces, make sure that it is zero-VOC paint. It is important to know that paint can affect or corrupt the wine. Getting professional advice and installation will help to ensure that you avoid making mistakes that can prove to be very costly.


  • Lighting in the basement

Make sure that you pay attention to the lighting in the basement. You can get the best form and function from line voltage tracks. The best quality lighting will not only make the cellar space more accessible and functional, it will help to protect your vino. Lighting does not have to be costly and you can get affordable lights that are very effective. Dimmable lights will help to ensure that you create the atmosphere that you need.

Consider using a tracking system to monitor your wine collection. This is especially important if you have a large collection. You can have a systematic method to mark the wine racks using one of the numerous wine room management programs available. Installing the software will help to ensure that you have an efficient way to keep track of your wine. The programs are great when you want to know what you have in your collection and they help to ensure safety.