Classic wine decanters never go out of style. However, some more classically designed wine decanters can sometimes be a bit lacklustre! Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars there are tons of fun and exciting wine decanters. Here are some unique suggestions that are sure to bring some spice and life to your dining room table!

The Up & Down Wine Decanter

This creative wine decanter is designed to stand both vertically and horizontally! With its edgy and clever design this decanter is a great space saver, because you can either have it lying down or standing up on your dining room table. This decanter is made from lead-free crystal, and is designed by Spiegelau.

A ‘Hole’ Lot of Fun!

The Eisch Middle Hole is a great decanter, not only because it has a funky and unique design, but it is also a practical decanter. Due to the hole in the middle it is easy to handle and pour out of. However, the centre is not hollow. In fact, the center is filled with glass, in order to make sure that the decanter has extra support. The decanter is made of mouth-blown crystal, and has Eisch’s original ‘no drop effect’. Therefore, not a drop of wine will land on your white table cloth.

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