Should You Invest in a Wine Fridge or a Wine Cellar?

One of the biggest questions for wine collectors, looking to properly store their wine, is if they should buy a wine fridge or build a wine cellar. There are benefits to both solutions. However, there is usually a clear cut better choice for each individual wine collector.

The first aspect to consider is location. This can refer to where you are living. If you are living in a condo the ideal wine storage solution is usually a wine fridge. A wine fridge is less cumbersome, and takes up less room. Furthermore, if you decide to move, you can take the wine fridge with you. By contrast, if you own a house it might be better to invest in a wine cellar, because it offers you more room to expand your collection.

Location can also refer to where you plan on storing your wine. For example, if you have limited space in the basement, it might be better to have a wine fridge in the kitchen. Building a full wine cellar requires a lot of space. Therefore, if you have a lot of room it is advisable to consider building a wine cellar rather than buying a wine fridge.

Volume is another important consideration. Volume refers to how much wine you are planning to collect, or have already collected. On average a full sized wine fridge holds about 200 wine bottles. Many wine collectors will buy two wine fridges to increase their capacity. However, if you have more than 700 bottles, it is best if you look into building a wine cellar. It is not recommended that you invest in a wine cellar unless you have an average of 700 wine bottles.

Cost is likely the most significant consideration in this decision. Wine fridges can be very expensive. However, investing in a wine cellar is probably going to be considerably more costly. If you do not currently have the money to invest in a full scale wine cellar, it might be best to consider purchasing a wine fridge instead. You can always sell your wine fridge at a later date, and build a wine cellar.

Aesthetics can also dictate which wine storage solution is best suited for you. Many wine collectors will invest in a wine cellar, because they consider it to be a more beautiful solution. Obviously having a wine cellar is pretty awesome! Of course, there are also some pretty impressive wine fridges out there! So do not forget about them, and consider all of your options before you invest in either solution.

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