The Ins and Outs of Wine Guardian Cooling Units

The cooling unit is a key element to your wine cellar. Without the right cooling unit your wine cellar will not be able to cool your wine properly. Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry a number of different cooling units. One of our foremost wine cooling unit manufacturers is Wine Guardian. Wine Guardian offers a wide variety of different types of cooling units, ideal for both commercial and residential wine cellars. Wine Guardian Units offer complete climate control options including cooling, heating, and humidification.

The first Wine Guardian wine cellar cooling unit was sold in North America in 1998. The company is renowned for its top quality product and reliable craftsmanship. At Wine Guardian they strive to produce quiet cooling units that are also energy efficient. Along with humidification these cooling units also come with features like filtration, ducting, internal safety devices, and low ambient control.

Wine Guardian offers both wall-mounted and ducted cooling systems, in addition to through the wall and split cooling systems. The difference between ducted systems and through-the-wall cooling units is simple. Ducted units are installed so that none of the mechanical features of the unit can be seen through the wall. By contrast, through-the-wall cooling units are physically installed so that the back end of the cooling unit is exposed in the adjacent room.

In order to buy the perfect cooling unit for your wine cellar check out Rosehill Wine Cellars, and order your cooling unit today!