12 Interesting Facts About Wine That Will Impress You


Wine is one of the most popular and delicious alcoholic beverage in the world and if it is consumed in moderate quantities, it can even protect the heart against various diseases and prolong your lifespan. There are also a multitude of types of wine to choose from and they go well with certain foods. If you are interested about this fabulous beverage, here are several cool facts that will deeply impress you.

Back in the days, Roman women weren’t allowed to drink wine

Nearly 2000 years ago, there was no equality between women and men. For example, Roman women weren’t allowed to drink wine at all and if they were caught doing this, the husband was allowed to kill her. However, this was actually a bad thing for men too and you will find out why in the next interesting fact.

Italian studies show that women who drink 2 glasses of wine per day have better sex

Recent studies show that women who drink a moderate quantity of wine on a regular basis will enjoy better sex and their partners will be more satisfied as well. Therefore, always enjoy a glass of wine in the company of your wife during your dinner if you want to spend a quality adult time together.

There is scientific evidence that drinking wine in moderate quantities can be beneficial for your heart

There are many substances and nutrients in different types of wines which can protect the heart against a variety of diseases such as coronary artery disease and heart attacks. Additionally, those who drink one or two glasses of wine per day also have a lower risk to develop gum disease, Alzheimer’s or have a stroke.

California is one of the largest wine producers in the world

The Europeans are the ones which are on the podium with France on the first place followed by Italy and Spain. California is on the forth place when it comes to wine production.

Certain wines go well with certain foods

If you are eating red meat then a glass of red wine will improve your culinary experience. Similarly, if you are having white meat or fish then a white wine is more suitable in this case. If you are having dessert then you should go for wines that have a sweet taste.

Wine glasses should be held in a certain manner

Yes, you can hold a glass of wine in the wrong way. For example, you are not allowed to hold the wine glass by its bowl, but by its stem. As a result, your hand will not raise the temperature of the wine and it will not decrease its flavor and taste.

Most wines won’t improve with the passing of time

Only a few rare wines survive more than a decade and improve their taste and aroma with the passing of time. Therefore, most of the wines produced today are made to be consumed within a few years and they don’t have much potential for aging.

The effects of wine are felt differently by men and women

Women have less of an enzyme in their stomach which is necessary for processing alcohol efficiently and as a result, they are much more susceptible to the effects of wine. On the other hand, men have more of this enzyme and they feel the alcohol effects much later.

You can make hundreds of wine bottles from a ton of grapes

One bottle of wine usually contains approximately 3 pounds of grapes and from an entire ton of grapes you can make approximately 720 bottles of wine filling 60 wine cases.

Each vineyard is unique because it is influenced by various factors

Wines from all over the world are quite different one from each other. This happens because the soil type, degree of slope as well as exposure to the sun and climate influence the vineyard differently and a unique type of wine is produced as a result.

Traditionally, wines are stored on their side

There is a very good reason for this. Wine bottles which are stored on their side come in contact with the cork and thanks to this, the cork remains wet and it doesn’t allow the infiltration of air which might affect the quality of the wine. On the other hand, wine bottles which have an artificial cork can safely be stored vertically without risking deteriorating the quality of the wine.

A glass of wine usually contains a bit over 100 calories

Wines are not particularly recommended for those who want to lose weight. A standard glass of red or white wine contains approximately 110 calories while sweeter wines can pack even more calories per glass.

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