8 Useful Tips For Designing Your Own Wine Cellar


Many homeowners who love wine seriously think about collecting as much wine bottles as possible and storing them in their properties. This is a fantastic idea, but you must keep in mind that wine bottles are best stored in specially-designed units rather than in the fridge or in the basement. Therefore, make sure that you follow these tips and tricks and you will be able to design a great wine cellar that will preserve your wine collection for years.

Insulate your wine cellar properly

Wine cellars require top quality insulation if you don’t want your precious wines to lose their delightful taste and aroma with the passing of time. Therefore, make sure that you inform yourself about the right temperature for storing wine bottles and you try to equip your wine cellar with the required insulation materials. You might also want to add closed-cell foam insulation in order to prevent the development of mold and mildew in your wine cellar.

Get wine racks from stainless steel

It is also important to get wine racks made from materials that don’t allow air infiltration or airborne contaminants. In this case, stainless steel is an excellent choice which will also make your wine cellar look absolutely fabulous and very modern. Additionally, stainless steel is a material that will last for more than a lifetime, so you will never have to repair it in any way, ever.

Use the right lighting options

In a similar fashion, you need to take into account the lighting options when designing your wine cellar. For example, make sure that you use lighting sources which don’t consume a lot of energy and which don’t overheat the room where you store your wine bottles. It is also a good idea to install a chandelier which will make your wine cellar look more majestic and imposing. Lastly, it is recommended to use dimmable lighting options for additional energy savings and in order to create a romantic and warm atmosphere in your wine cellar if necessary.

Find a way to track your wine bottles if you have a large collection

It is a good idea to keep a “wine bottle diary” in order to manage your wine collection better. There are many electronic tracking systems available on the market, but you can also just use labels and make sure that you note down more details about each and every wine bottle enters or leaves your wine cellar, in order to be in complete control of your beloved wine collection.

Invest in good quality furniture items

Especially if your wine cellar is quite spacious, the experts recommend adding here a couple of beautiful armchairs as well as a majestic table. As a result, when one of your friends or family members visits you in order to admire your wine collection, you can sit down, sip a glass of wine and have a wonderful conversation directly in your wine cellar. Also, beautiful and elegant furniture items will add to the overall design and curb appeal of your wine cellar.

If you have a rather small house, you can transform your basement or garage into a wine cellar

Many homeowners don’t have a lot of space in their houses and as a result, they might not be able to completely repurpose a room and transform it into a beautiful wine cellar. If this is your case as well then don’t despair. You can always de-clutter your basement and convert it into a wine cellar. Similarly, you can sell your old pickup truck that occupies a lot of space in your garage and transform this space into a wine cellar. Lastly, even a closet can be repurposed and converted into an elegant wine cellar until you find additional space in your property.

Get a HVAC system that is particularly designed for wine cellars

Insulating the wine cellar alone is not enough. You also need to maintain certain temperature and humidity levels in this room. Therefore, make sure that you invest in a good quality HVAC system that is specially designed for wine cellars. Such products are not that expensive these days and they will ensure that your wine collection is preserved at the correct temperature all the times.

Add a door made from glass

This last tip will improve the aesthetics of your wine cellar. It will basically be useful in showcasing your wine collection without actually having to enter the wine cellar. However, make sure that you go for double glass panels in order to preserve the correct temperature and humidity levels in the wine cellar and you are golden.

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