EuroCave Wine Cabinets: PURE Vieillitheque Series

Are you looking for the best possible home for your wine? Well look no further than EuroCave! EuroCave was founded in 1976. The company is known for its exceptional quality and reliability. EuroCave products are ideal for both wine industry professionals and independent wine lovers. EuroCave offers a wide variety of wine cabinets including wine fridges designed for wine maturation, as well as wine fridges designed for serving.

Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we have a varied selection of EuroCave Wine Cabinets available. The Pure Vieillitheque Series by EuroCave is a line of single temperature wine cabinets. These cabinets are dedicated to wine maturation. The Pure Series is not designed to be built in.

Euro Pure-L

The Euro Pure-L is an elegant and tall wine cabinet. This wine cabinet has a maximum of 14 sliding shelves, and a bottle capacity of 182 wine bottles. This cabinet is designed for the true wine lover, and is equipped with exceptional insulation technologies, an LED screen with touch buttons, alarms designed to alert you in case there is any malfunction, and many more amazing features. The Euro Pure-L will ensure that your wine sleeps safe and sound.

Euro Pure-S

If you have a smaller wine collection, and you are interested in purchasing a wine fridge that is slightly smaller than the Pure-L, the Euro Pure-S is the perfect size for you. The Pure-S holds 74 bottles of wine, and has 5 sliding shelves. This little wine cabinet is also great if you have limited space for a wine fridge. The Pure-S can be ordered with either a solid door or a glass door. If the cabinet is not being placed in a prominent location, ordering the cabinet with a solid door instead of a glass door is a great way to save some money.

Euro Pure-M

The Euro Pure-M is a mid-size wine cabinet designed to hold 146 wine bottles. This wine cabinet has 10 sliding shelves, and is slightly shorter than the Pure-L. This cabinet is ideal for those wine collectors eager to store some of their more precious bottles in a safe temperature controlled environment. This model can be ordered with either a solid door or a glass door.

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