EuroCave Wine Cabinets: Premiere Essentielle Series

Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we know that EuroCave Wine Cabinets make perfect homes for your wine. EuroCave’s Premier – Essentielle Series wine cabinets are designed to store and refrigerate your wine in the ideal environment. These wine cabinets also offer exceptional value at a more affordable price. If you are interested in investing in a EuroCave Wine Cabinet, make sure to check out EuroCave’s Premier Essentielle Series.


The EUROV266 PV has all sliding shelves, and can store up to 182 bottles of wine. This wine fridge is equipped with a digital panel and red LED lighting. The glass door is rimmed, and the cabinet is available in black. This wine cabinet offers extensive wine storage at a great price.


The standard set-up for the EUROV266 PP is 3 fixed shelves, 8 sliding shelves and a solid door. This set-up can hold up to 202 wine bottles. However, you can also increase the wine bottle capacity by ordering fewer shelves. If you order the cabinet with fewer shelves the capacity can be increased up to 235 wine bottles. This wine cabinet is an excellent money saver, and a great way to increase your wine storage capacity!


There are also multiple smaller wine cabinets available from this series. The EUROV101 PV is a great example. This little wine cabinet is equipped with a glass door, and six sliding shelves. The wine bottle capacity is approximately 83 wine bottles. The reason this wine fridge has such a great bottle capacity, is because of the bulk storage at the bottom. Bulk storage is a great way to save money, because the wine cabinet needs fewer shelves.


The EUROD171 PV wine cabinet is a dual temperature wine fridge. This wine fridge is priced at an excellent price point. The wine cabinet has all of the same great features of EuroCave’s Premier Essentielle Series. However, the wine cabinet does not have a charcoal filter or metal sliding shelves, instead the shelves are wooden. This wine cabinet holds a total of 125 wine bottles, with 107 wine bottles for the top section and 18 for the bottom.

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