Who Has The Largest Wine Collections In The World?

Collecting something is highly addictive and many people collect various items and products such as magazines, bottle caps, CDs, DVDs, old mobile phones, books, fishing pools and so on. Other people who have a passion for wine find great pleasure in collecting wine bottles from various parts of the world. if you are interested about this and maybe you want to have your own wine collection at some point in the future then here are more interesting details about some of the largest wine collections on this planet.

Aubrey McClendon

This lucky guy is the CEO of Chesapeake Energy Corporation and he has accumulated a lot of wine bottles with the passing of years. His entire wine collection is spread in various wine cellars across the United States and it features no less than 2,000 wine bottles.

Charlie Trotter

In a similar fashion, Charlie Trotter who is a food icon all over the world has accumulated approximately 4,000 wine bottles over the years. This wine collection is put up for auction and it features large-format wine bottles which require special equipments for transport. Additionally, most of this guy’s collection is composed of wine bottles that feature 750 milliliters, but he also has a couple of premium wine bottles that have a capacity of 1.5 liters.

Leslie Rudd

Restaurant owner Leslie Rudd has an even bigger wine collection which amasses approximately 10,000 wine bottles from Napa valley. He also has a restaurant called Press where the wines in his collection can be tasted by clients.

Tour d’Argent


This is a restaurant in Paris which is renowned for serving some of the best wines in France. The wine collection featured by Tour d’Argent has almost 15,000 bottles of wine and it is common for clients to arrive hours before their dinner just to take a look at the impressive list of wines available at this restaurant. Believe it or not, the full list of wine bottles weighs approximately 9 kilograms or 20 pounds and it will take you a lot of time to read it in its entirety. The managers of this restaurant like to buy the wines when they are young and preserve them in specially designed wine cellars until they are ready for drinking.

Restaurant Latour

If you think that the previous restaurant had a large collection of wines then you must find out more about Restaurant Latour’s one. This restaurant in New Jersey features a wine collection of approximately 100,000 wine bottles which are carefully hand-picked by the owner Gene Mulvihill. His wine collection even features 90 vintages and one of them is dated back in 1890s. In his impressive wine cellar, Gene holds hundreds of bottles of wine from a lot of wine-producing countries throughout the entire world.

Graycliff Hotel

This renowned hotel features one of the largest wine collections in the world with approximately 250,000 wine bottles. From all of these bottles, almost 12,000 of them are added by the owner of the restaurant, Enrico Garzaoli and they are brought straight from Italy. This restaurant has also received the Wine Spectator Grand Award and it is one of only 75 hotels which received this distinction.

Bern’s Steakhouse

Situated in Florida, this restaurant features a jaw-dropping collection of approximately 500,000 wine bottles and it is operated by David Laxer. Here you can also find a $30,000 dollar bottle of wine called Chateau Latour from 1947 which is one of the most expensive wines in the entire world. There is also another restaurant owned by the Laxer family called Side Bern’s as well as a liquor store.

Milestii Mici

The last one in our list is Milestii Mici which comprises no less than 2,000,000 bottles of wine. This gigantic wine cellar is situated underground and it is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest wine collection in the world. Believe it or not, Milestii Mici stretches over 250 kilometers or approximately 155 miles and you will need a car in order to travel from one part of the cellar to the other.

In fact, the employees who work in this wine cellar and take care of the wine collection use bikes in order to travel from one sector to the other. Milestii Mici even features streets which are named after various wine types such as Sauvignon and so on. If you would breakdown this breathtaking wine collection then you will find approximately 70% red wines, 20% wine ones and about 10% dessert wines.

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