EuroCave Wine Cabinets: The Compact Series

There are many perks to having a wine cabinet that can be built in. Wine cabinets designed with front venting are perfect if you are looking for a wine fridge for your kitchen. EuroCave’s Compact Series is designed to be built in. The Compact Series is manufactured with front venting, meaning that these wine cabinets do not need any space to vent properly. The wine cabinets in this series are available with glass or solid doors.

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Compact EUROV-259

The Compact EUROV-259 is the largest built in EuroCave Wine Cabinet available. This wine cabinet can be ordered with a maximum of 14 sliding shelves. If the wine cabinet is ordered with 14 shelves the wine bottle capacity is 118. However, the wine cabinet can also be ordered with less shelving, allowing for a maximum bottle capacity of 167. The Compact EUROV-259 is available with a solid or glass door. In addition, this model can also be ordered with stainless steel cladding.

Compact EUROV-059

The Compact Series also has a smaller wine cabinet available. The Compact EUROV-059 is perfect if you are looking for a small under the counter wine cabinet. The maximum capacity of this wine cabinet is 56 wine bottles. This configuration only has one shelf installed. The standard configuration of the Compact EUROV-059 is 4 sliding shelves for a maximum capacity of 38 wine bottles. This wine cabinet can be ordered with either a solid door or a glass door.

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