How To Make Sure Your Wine Cellar Cooling Unit Will Be Well Worth Your Investment

If you have a wine cellar at home, one of the issues you have to be keen on is making sure that the temperature within it is conducive to the storage of the wine. Most of the time, this will involve an investment in wine cellar cooling units. These are cooling units that are designed specifically for use within a cellar, and which help to keep the heat and humidity to a tolerable level.

One of the benefits of keeping the temperature within the cellar at a relatively low temperature is the fact that it reduces the metabolism of organic compounds in the wine. This way, you can control the temperature in such a manner that the wine will age gracefully, rather than converting into vinegar as most poorly stored wines tend to do.


However, you also need to remember that simply buying such units is not enough. There are many factors that will influence how they end up working, and you need to optimize each of this to ensure that you get the most out of the cooling units. Some of the specific things you can do to facilitate this include:

Choosing a renowned brand

You might be forgiven for thinking that all brands of wine cellar coolers are the same. However, the truth is that there are some manufacturers who spend a lot more time and effort in coming up with high quality products compared to others. In many cases, simply making the right decision regarding which brand to buy from will make a huge difference regarding how much value for money you get from the entire system.

There are various ways of figuring out which brand would suit you most. You could find out what people think of each of the brands you are considering, and then simply avoid the ones that seem to evoke mostly negative emotions. Another alternative would be to go through the features and services that each of the brands offer, and the pick the one that seems to make more sense to you.

Proper sizing

How large is your cellar? What size of cooler would be ideal for it? Remember, the larger the cooler the more powerful it is likely to be, and the more expensive it will be. If you get a very large cooler for a very small basement, some of the problems you might encounter include having difficulties putting it in place, as well as finding that it cools the space far too much. In addition to that, it may become overly expensive especially given the function that it plays.

To avoid making mistakes with this, it’s wise to have some guidance when choosing the cooling system. You should consult someone who has some experience in handling these types of systems, and then get some input regarding what size to choose. If you are buying the cooling system from a high quality company, they are likely to provide you with a staff member who can do this for you, so that you can then take the guesswork out of the whole project.


In a few cases, where you decide to put the cooler will also determine how well it works. For instance, if it blocks one of the major vents in the cellar, it means that air circulation within the cellar will be compromised. The cooler may generate a lot of cool air, but the fact that it will not be moving around a lot means that it will be difficult to maintain the same temperature throughout the facility. Before buying a cooler for the wine cellar, it’s always a good idea to call the specialists to come and take a look at the layout of the cellar. In some cases, this might influence the type of cooler that you buy. For instance, if it turns out that the only available space for it is small, you may then have to buy a more compact unit rather than what you would ideally have gone for.

The risk of damage

You also need to take into account the risk of all types of damage when investing in the cooling units. Remember that in many cases, the cellar is in a location that you might not visit on a regular basis. Having a cooler placed in a location where it’s prone to damage means that after some time, it may end up being damaged and you may not even know about it. Once again, this is an issue that can be solved by simply having the contractor take a look at the cellar before deciding on what type of cooling unit would be suitable for it.

All these are issues that affect the type of cooling unit you should get for your wine cellar. Always ensure that you take all of them into account if you are to get value for money from it.