New Riedel Wine Decanters at Rosehill Wine Cellars

Rosehill Wine Cellars has recently added some new wine decanters. Riedel Wine Decanters are the pinnacle of decanters. They are well made with beautiful designs. These elegant and elaborate wine decanters are not necessarily something that wine lovers purchase on their own. However, if you know someone who loves their wine make sure to look into getting them a Riedel Wine Decanter. Especially since, who doesn’t want to own a Riedel Wine Decanter?!

2015/02 Riedel Decanter

The Riedel Wine Decanter has an iconic and elegant design. This decanter isn’t imposing or overly fancy, but simple and classic. In addition, the Riedel Wine Decanter has a ‘Riedel’ etching on the bottom portion of the decanter. This means everyone will know that it is a Riedel Wine Decanter.

1925/01 Superleggero

Although, they have similar designs, the Superleggero Wine Decanter is slightly more extreme than the Riedel Wine Decanter. This decanter is tall and elegant with a wonderfully long neck. It is sure to be something that all of your guests will notice and love!

1950/15 Evechen

The Evechen Wine Decanter is definitely impressive! This decanter has a tall and curved design, making it look splendidly snake like. A decanter like this is most certainly worthy of any wine lover.

2015/01 Bacchus

The Bacchus Wine Decanter has a cute and quirky design, but it is also practical and easy to store. This wine decanter is also perfectly sized for any dining room table. You can have it with you at dinner time, and you don’t have to worry about the decanter taking up too much room on the table.