Your Ideal Wine Cellar Is Within Reach!

All over the world, people have different views about lifestyle in general. In matters religion, the medieval people did view wine as God`s gift to mankind to celebrate achievements like great harvest, victory in the battlefield among other reasons. To date, wine receives the same appreciation just the same way. It is not surprising that the increasingly growing trend of posh homemade wine cellars is taking a new turn. More and more people are taking a step to ensure that at home, there is a space specially left for wine. If you have taste for palatial wine, you may want to consider these tips for making a simple yet lavish home wine storage.


Right location

Sometimes things tend to pay off when you look at them through someone else’s perspective. By taking a connoisseur’s point of view, you will not be taken by surprise by the fact that the first step to creating a home wine cellar is finding an ideal location. The location ought to be far away from sunlight preferably at the corners. Mostly, basements suffice as the best solution for a location.

A bit of knowledge on the fundamentals of wine cellar, design comes in handy. Right level of temperature and humidity all go a long way to create an efficient wine cellar. More importantly, make sure that the location`s size can fit the design of the cellar you need. Finding the right location will give you a wine cellar that handles a specific number of tasks efficiently and consistently.

Insulation and framing

Understanding the basics of framing helps you decide the cellar design. For most wine cellars, 2-by-6 walls is the optimal framing size you may need. Nonetheless, thicker walls will likely give more insulation. Another practical option that may work for insulation is using insulation spray foam. It basically plays the role of insulating and barricading vapor in a wine cellar.

Unit for cooling wine

After ensuring that the wine cellar has good insulation and that the framing suits its particular purpose, you will need to install a cooling unit. There are different from other cooling units because they not only function for cooling purposes but also curb the level of humidity in the wine cellar. In mere terms, they do not add humidity but get rid of excess moisture in the cellar and direct it to the exhaust room. For additional point, ensure that the exhaust room is vast enough for heat absorption. You may talk to contractors on the installation options that seem best and promising to you.

Light it up

Even though many wine cellars are designed to be cool, the point of having one is having it with a cool look. Leaving beautiful lights on in the cellar spontaneously sparks off admiration and in that regard, you have to pay extra attention on your lighting options. Incandescent and halogen bulbs emit lots of heat that may not augur well for your wine cellar. Ideally, settle for a sophisticated choice by incorporating LED lights that do not in the least emit heat. Use of puck lights as well track lights are all stylish and intriguing ways of showing off your home collection of choice wine.

Breathtaking doorway

To make the entire cellar look exceptional and exquisite, you may want to put a doorway seal to it. Glass doors roughly 10-milimetre bring out a mind blowing look and showcase your collection in an admirable way. Choosing dual-paned glass for the glass doors is the right way to go.

Create a humid environ

You may add humidity to the wine cellar by using a couple of ways. Humidifier functions optimally to keep your wine in the perfect state. Notwithstanding, a bit of wow factor may take things a notch higher. An indoor fountain as an instance not only adds moisture to the cellar but also gives it a spectacular view.

Wine display

Stylish design for the storage makes your wine cellar look stunning. Therefore, consider versatile ways of storage in terms of racks and bulk storage. Fine wine cellars highlight their best wines while factoring space for different purposes. Custom shelves are one of the storage methods that conspicuously display wine.

The way to a man’s heart is through the things you give and show him. Give him a test of the world`s finest wine, and he will always talk on and on about it. Show him a breathtaking wine cellar and he will see it when he sees you. It is an undeniable fact that great wine cellars make great friends. By merely putting a little more effort on these few ideas, you will make a masterpiece that will live long in people’s minds. With a masterpiece at home, you will have it smoothly running when you need to cozily lie down on the couch, relaxing and sipping wine.