12 Brilliant Food And Wine Pairing Ideas You Should Remember

There is no secret that wine goes very well with certain foods. In fact, researchers have found out that when wine and foods are combined, they produce even more intense and tasty aromas than when they are served individually. Therefore, all that you have to do now is to find out which wines go well with what foods. Here are several guidelines when it comes to wine and food pairing you might want to refer to:

Sauvignon Blanc goes well with sauces and tart dressings

Various types of Sauvignon Blanc from different countries in the world such as Spain, Portugal or Italy taste great when they are combined with sauces or tart dressings. In fact, most spicy foods go well with Sauvignon Blanc as long as this wine is served cold.

Pinot Grigio goes well with light seafood


It is commonly known that white wines go well with fish and this is true when combining Pinot Grigio with light seafood. It has been found out that the taste and aroma of various types of light seafood can be enriched and enhanced if a glass of Pinot Grigio from Italy is served at the same time. Similarly, you might also want to try Arneis from Italy when you serve light seafood to have a wonderful culinary experience.

Riesling goes well with spicy dishes

Spicy meals are common in Asian and Indian cuisines and they go very well with different types of Rieslings. This type of wine has a light sweetness that can neutralize the spiciness of various Indian or Asian foods.

Rose sparkling wines go well with a wide variety of main courses

Many people believe that rose wines like rose champagne go well only with various types of hors d’oeuvres, but this is not necessarily true. In fact, it has been found out that rose wines from various countries are excellent when they are combined with main courses. For example, the rose sparkling wines from California have an intense flavor which can enrich the taste of certain main dishes.

Champagnes go well with salty foods

Most types of champagne are a little bit sweet and they usually go well with foods that contain a higher amount of salt. This combination is refreshing and very tasty.

Chardonnay goes well with salmon or seafood prepared in a rich sauce

Chardonnay is a delicious type of white wine that can go well with a wide variety of seafood, particularly fatty fish like salmon. This type of wine also goes well with fish prepared in a rich sauce. The best Chardonnays in the world come from California, Australia, Chile or Argentina.

Demi-sec champagne goes well with fruit desserts

When serving desserts made with a lot of fruits, it is a good idea to go for wines which emphasize the taste of the fruits not the sugars they contain. Therefore, next time when you have a fruit tart, you can go for demi-sec champagne, moderately sweet sparkling wines, or Asti Spumante.

Dry rose goes well with almost all types of cheesy dishes

Dry rose is a type of wine which can go well with almost all types of cheesy dishes because it features a fruit aroma just like red wines and mild acidity just like white wines.

Foods with earthy flavors should be combined with Pinot Noir

Foods that contain mushrooms, truffles or other types of earthy ingredients should be combined with red wines like Pinot Noir. This type of wine has a deep flavor and a rich taste that will emphasize the taste of your meals. You can also go for Docetto, a great type of wine from Italy which goes well with dishes like pizza.

Old wines always go well with old types of foods

With the passing of time, the flavor and taste of old wines have been developed together with the rich aroma of old foods and recipes. For example, Tuscan recipes almost always go well with Tuscan old wines.

Malbec goes well with barbecue foods

Nothing can be more pleasant than serving a delicious glass of wine outdoors while preparing various types of barbecue foods. If you like spicy sauces and you usually use them when grilling certain meats, you might be happy to know that wines like Malbec or Shiraz will improve your culinary experience. These wines are strong and they are perfect for spicy barbecue foods.

Cabernet Sauvignon works well with red meat

Steaks and chops can safely be combined with different types of red wines like California Cabernet or Bordeaux blends. These wines contain tannins which give you a refreshing taste when you combine them with red meat.

Now you know what types of wine go well with certain foods and you are ready to impress your guests next time when you invite them for dinner. If you have already procured several bottles of wine, you might want to take advantage of Howard Miller Wine Furniture to store then properly. Contact us today if you need top-quality wine racks or wine storage cabinets at affordable prices.