Are You Still Believing These 7 Myths About Wines?

Wine has been enjoyed for thousands of years by civilizations from all over the world. Each group of people used to create wines according to their own methods and preferences. Even today, wines are very varied and they are created in various parts of the world such as South America, Europe, North America, and Australia. However, with the passing of time, a lot of myths have emerged related to wines. Let’s debunk several of them in the following post.


Wines which are more expensive are automatically better/more delicious

This is not actually true. Just like with any other products on the market like mobile phones, clothes or foods, expensive is not necessarily better. In many cases, when you buy expensive wines, you actually pay for the brand or winemaker who created that wine. Although there are many expensive wines which taste sublime, you shouldn’t automatically believe that the most expensive wines are the best ones. In fact, a large series of affordable wines can be excellent for various occasions like family celebrations, gatherings, and so on.

Wine bottles which feature screw caps are of poor quality

This is another false myth which circulates around and confuses people. Wine bottles can be enclosed in several ways such as using a cork or a cap that can be screwed around the bottle’s mouth. However, screw caps don’t necessarily mean that the wine in question is cheap and of poor quality. In fact, these days modern and sleek screw caps have developed which are used on expensive bottles of wine. Also, studies show that wine can age and develop just fine when it is enclosed with modern screw caps.

White wine should only be served with fish while red wines should only be served with meat

This is another common misconception which you shouldn’t believe anymore. Keep in mind that fish goes very well with a wide range of white wines, but this is not written in stone. Similarly, many types of red wines can be served with fish like grilled salmon steak. Especially if you like to cook foods and combine them with various types of wines, you will soon find out that you will often discover new and brilliant associations between wine and food.

For example, pork can be served with both wine and red wines, depending on how it is prepared. Also, when you are grilling hot dogs out in the sun, you definitely know that they go very well with a glass of rose, so don’t fall for this myth anymore.

You should always listen to wine critics because they know best

Wine critics are professionals who taste different types of wines and make recommendations on what wines should be served during certain occasions or with certain foods. Obviously, you might want to listen to their professional advice from time to time, but don’t take their word against your own personal preferences. If you like a particular type of wine and you want to combine it with a certain food then you are strongly encouraged to do so, despite what critics say. Remember that enjoying wine is a matter of personal taste and nothing knows better than you what type of wine you like.

Red wines are better than white wines

This statement is not true. Both red and white wines are delicious. What matters the most is your personal preference. Many people start drinking white wines at first and they slowly move to red wines, but the red ones are not more sophisticated than the white ones. In fact, after years of drinking red wines, many people come back to white wines. Therefore, don’t you think that if you like white wine is because you are inexperienced or inferior to others.

Varietal wines are the best ones out there

You shouldn’t believe in this myth either. Varietal wines are those wines which have been named according to a particular variety of grapes. For example, merlot is a varietal wine. However, although you know the type of grapes used to make this wine, this doesn’t automatically mean that it is superior to other wines. In fact, the name of the wine doesn’t tell you anything at all about the wine quality.

Old wines are always better

This is not true either. It is a well-known fact that wines get better with age, but a very important detail is missing out from this equation: wines get better only if they are stored properly. If a wine is stored in and environment with incorrect temperature and humidity conditions, its quality will definitely deteriorate with the passing of time.

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