Choosing the right cooling unit for your wine cellar is very important. There are many to choose from, and many factors to consider. You definitely want the best possible cooling system for your wine cellar, because your wine needs to age in a stable environment.

Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry many different types of cooling units including Cellar Pro. Cellar Pro Cooling Units are best known for being the cooling unit in Le Cache wine cabinets. However, these units are also available as a full line of wine cellar cooling units.

Cellar Pro Cooling Units are notorious for their ability to cool in extreme temperatures. These units also have excellent humidity control, and operate very quietly. They have a wide array of units available including cooling units that are made for larger wine cellars.

Cellar Pro Wine Cooling Units are designed to maintain both temperature and humidity. They are ideal cooling units for long term wine cellaring. These cooling units include high quality components that ensure reliability, a fan with variable speeds, and a programmable LED display. These are just some of the many great features of these units.

Cellar Pro Cooling Units are available as through the wall units, mid-sized units, split cooling systems, and cabinet sized cooling units. Split systems are ideal if you are unable to cut a hole through your cellar wall. These cooling units allow you to place the condenser inside, or outside of your wine cellar. Therefore, if you are really stuck you can place the condenser up to 100 feet away from the actual cellar.

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