ONAM Water Cooled Wine Cooling Units

Looking for the perfect cooling unit for your wine cellar? Check out ONAM Water Cooled Units. These units are built to be very reliable, and are some of the most technologically advanced cooling units available.

ONAM Cooling Units are completely self-contained. These units do not disperse heat into the surrounding area instead they transfer the heat into water. This technology makes these units extremely quiet. Additionally, these units are vibration free. Furthermore, you can place these units anywhere, because they don’t require proper ventilation.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry multiple ONAM Models. There are three different models available. Each model is designed differently depending on the location of the unit within the cellar. The CW-30M is designed to be located outside of the wine cellar. By contrast, the CW-30 and the CW-30W are both made to be located within the cellar.

ONAM Cooling Units are designed for wine cellars that are up to 2000 cubic feet. They can be placed free-standing within the actual wine cellar or in an adjacent area. If the unit is placed in an adjacent area the cool air can be vented into the cellar via duct work. These units are made for both residential and commercial use. They are also easy to install.

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