Retail Commercial Wooden Wine Racks

Looking for commercial wine racks for your retail establishment? Well look no further! Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we have the very best commercial wine racks available. Our Retail Commercial Wine Racks are designed to be free standing. Furthermore, they are made with presentation perches, and are specifically intended for a retail environment.

Our Commercial Wine Racks are made to be durable and long lasting. They are built out of Sapele a species of African mahogany. Sapele is a hardwood which makes it more robust and ideal for retail use. The wine racks are modular. Therefore, some assembly is required. However, it is easy! These wine racks are made to maximize the visibility of your product. This makes your wine bottles more accessible to your customers.

There are several different designs available. Here are just a few:

Retail 10 Wood Wine Rack

This wine rack is an island display with a single angle rack. It is designed to be free standing and can hold up to 264 wine bottles. You can also use the two separate halves of the Retail 10 Wine Rack in two different locations.

Retail 21 Wood Wine Rack

The Retail 21 Wine Rack will make your wine collection the center of attention! This wine rack has a round design and can hold up to 192 wine bottles.

Retail 15 Wood Wine Rack

This is another great option for any retail location. The Retail 15 is designed with box diamond bins and five bottle perches. This wine rack can hold up to 239 wine bottles. It is perfect to display any of your larger wine collections.

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