Everything You Need to Know About Serving Wine

When it comes to serving wine every detail counts! This includes the style of the wine glass it is served in, as well as the temperature of the actual wine itself. Extreme temperatures should definitely be avoided. If wine is served too cold the aromas will be stifled. However, if the wine is too warm the alcohol will be very overpowering. The wine glass is also important. The perfect glass will accentuate both the aroma and the mouthfeel of the wine.

Here are some tips and tricks on serving wine perfectly from Rosehill Wine Cellars.

All things that Sparkle

Sparkling wines need to be served chilled. Cold bubblies will hold onto their bubbles for longer. It is best to chill sparkling wine for about two hours before serving it. Serving the bubbly in a flute glass is the most effective way to ensure that the wine doesn’t lose its bubbles too soon. Flute wine glasses also maximize and concentrate the aromas of the wine.

Frosty Whites

Light white wines should cool in the fridge for about an hour and a half before serving. Heavier whites, for example oaked white wines should be served a little warmer. Therefore, an hour in the fridge would be enough chilling time. White wine glasses are narrower than red wine glasses. These types of wine glasses concentrate the aromas better, and keep the wine cooler for longer.

For heavier whites it is best to serve the wine in a Chardonnay glass. Chardonnay glasses have a wider bowl, and disperse the mouthfeel of a heavier white wine better than a regular white wine glass.

Beautiful Reds

Lighter red wines, such as Pinot Noir, should be chilled for about forty minutes in the fridge before serving. Lighter bodied red wines should be served in a wine glass with a narrower bowl. However, Pinot Noir and other more complex light bodied reds should be served in a Pinot Noir wine glass with a wider bowl.

Heavier busty reds should also be chilled slightly before serving. About fifteen to twenty minutes in the fridge should suffice. These wines definitely need to be served in a wine glass with a wider bowl. This is will help aerate the wine properly.

A Few More Quick Tips

  • Use a wine bucket! If you need to chill your wine quickly put it in a wine bucket with both ice and ice cold water. You can also put your wine bottle in the freezer. But, don’t forget about it! Ten to fifteen minutes max!
  • Use a wine decanter. This will aerate your wine, as well as help remove any sediment. A wine decanter also looks nicer on a dinner table than a wine bottle.
  •  If you detect some off aromas in your wine serve it colder than you normally would. The extra chill will cloak the bad smells.

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