Exciting Ways to Display your Growing Wine Collection

Displaying your wine collection is half the fun of having a wine collection. The other half is, of course, drinking it! Avid wine collectors often have a wine cellar to display their collection. However, if you have a smaller collection or you are a new collector finding creative ways to display your wine can be challenging.

Often, if you are a new wine collector having a small wine fridge is a helpful way to store your wine. At Rosehill Wine Cellars we also have a number of fantastic wine racks that will help display your growing collection.

Morgan Stainless Steel Wine Rack

This clever stainless steel wine rack is a great way to showcase your wine bottles. With its edgy and stylish design it is sure to stand out in your home. It is especially ideal if you are a fan of more contemporary décor.

Barrel Wine Rack for Table Display

This table top wine rack is a great way to exhibit your wine right on your dinner table in a very original fashion. Made from actual real barrel staves the barrel wine rack can be placed on any surface in your home. It is especially idyllic if you have a more rustic setting.

Wine Wall Peg System

The wine wall peg system is a completely unique way to display your wine. This system will make it look as though your wine is floating! Especially, if your wall colour is a lighter shade and the pegs blend right in.

Wine Wall

Vintage View

If you have a slightly larger collection of wine bottles to display check out our Vintage View Wine Racks. These racks are also ideal for a more modern home décor. These metal racks allow your wine bottles to be displayed with the labels facing outwards, making it the ideal way to showcase your most prized bottles.

Premier Cru

If you are interested in a more classic look check out our Premier Cru Wine Racking System. Available in a variety of different set ups these racks will display your collection in the most elegant way possible. Made in our very own factory these wooden wine racks are both beautiful and made to last.

Check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!