Finding the Right Wine Opener

Having the right wine opener can definitely help prevent some embarrassing moments. Not being able to open your fancy bottle of wine in front of your dinner guests could be awkward. The best way to prevent this moment from ever happening is to have a reliable wine opener.

Shape is very important. The word ‘corkscrew’ is kind of a misconception. A good wine opener is actually more of a coil rather than a screw. The firmness of the actually opener is also important. Your corkscrew needs to be able to pierce your cork in order to get a good grip. Therefore, the end should be sharp and firm. If the end is dull it won’t ever actually make it into the cork.

The length of the screw is also pretty significant. If the screw is too short, and doesn’t go all the way into the cork you won’t have any leverage to pull it out. Even worse you might break the cork in half. This is definitely something you want to avoid. When opening your wine bottle always submerge the screw deep into the cork. This will ensure that you can pull out the cork more easily.

It is also helpful when a wine opener has a foil cutter. This is a small knife that can be tucked into the side of the wine opener. When opening a bottle of wine make sure that the outer capsule is cut away. It is unpleasant when you get bits of foil floating in your wine. Usually, you can pull off the outer capsule entirely without a problem.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars we have a wide variety of wine openers available. This includes a large selection of waiter’s style corkscrews. These corkscrews are pretty standard and there are many different styles available. Here at Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry the standard waiter’s style Pulltaps Corkscrew, as well as the expertly crafted Laguiole Wine Opener. It is good to know how to use a standard waiter’s style corkscrew, because they are usually reliable and very popular.

Laguiole Opener

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