Giving The Wine Collection Venture A Shot

There is a common misconception that wine collecting is something that only the wealthy can afford to indulge in. This is not the case as it can be adopted by anyone as a hobby or a lifestyle depending on the amount of money you want to invest. It is important to note that just like artwork, cars and cards, wine has tiered values, vintages and history. Most people will settle on collecting bottles that come from a vintner they love, bottles with sentimental value or from a special occasion in the year like a birthday or anniversary. If you are interested in starting a wine collection, then below are some useful tips to help you get started:

Set a budget


It does not make sense to attempt to collect high end values if paying your bills is a struggle. You should note that the cost will not stop at initial purchase since there are other costs involved. Some of these costs include setting up a security system, proper storage, documentation and insurance among others. Decide on the amount of money you are willing to spend on your collection and stick to it as it can get out of hand due to the excitement of acquiring a new bottle.

Come up with a plan

The ideal collection should be made up of different types of wines ranging from ready to drink to long aging ones. Ideally, your collection should start with what you enjoy most and then you can introduce other kinds of wine in order to have variety. Whether you are red or white wine drinker, you should keep in mind that typically whites are for short term, while reds are meant for long term. If you are lucky enough to live in areas with tasting rooms, simply make an appointment for a tasting session and thus make your choice. You should not make the mistake of purchasing wine based on tasting notes or scores set by someone else. Ensure that all documentation such as original purchase receipt is kept safe and documented.

Be on the lookout for deals

The internet can be a great resource to find great deals but be wary as you may not know how it was handled. The best bet is to obtain your wines from reputable winemakers or find those who cater for collectors like yourself. You can also join online groups or forums of other wine collectors where you will likely get information on deals or when one collector is placing their wines on sale. Large retailers often offer discounts on their wines if you purchase end of vintage deals by the case or take advantage of annual sales. Alternatively, you can subscribe to mailing lists or join winery clubs where you will get handy information on deals or discounts.


Storage is very important and you will need to figure this out even before you purchase your first bottle. A good rule is to multiply the number of bottles by three that you estimate or wish to collect in order to ensure that your storage will be sufficient. It is highly advisable to invest in a wine cellar or vault especially if you have valuable or old wine which requires to be handled delicately. This is an important consideration especially if you plan to create the cellar in the basement as you don’t want to end up creating a mold problem in your house as a result of the humid environment required for the storage. Also, avoid storing your wines above the laundry area or stove, where vibration and heat can wreak havoc on the collection. If you are looking to create your own wine storage, then you can contact us at Rosehill Wine Cellars because we are more than willing to ensure that you have the best wine cellars that are durable and well insulated.