Interview with Gary LaRose on the Tim Denis Morning Show, 610 CKTB

Our very own Gary LaRose, owner of Rosehill Wine Cellars, was interviewed this morning on Bell Media radio station 610 CKTB by host Tim Denis. The subject of the interview was the growing popularity of wine cellars in today’s real estate market. In fact, wine cellars are a current must have in any luxury home.

Classic wine cellars are built in the basement where it is dark and safe for the wine. By contrast, in many modern day homes wine cellars are often built with a lot of glass designed specifically to showcase the wine. These wine cellars are usually near the dining room or kitchen on the main floor.

But, are these fabulous high end modern day wine cellars actually good for aging wine?

According to Gary, although they are beautiful, these contemporary glass wine cellars are great for entertaining, but not necessarily for aging your wine gracefully. A good wine cellar should be designed with optimum temperature and humidity control. In addition, the room should be dark and well insulated.

When Rosehill Wine Cellars first started building cellars back in 1995 having a wine cellar was already a pretty popular notion. However, business has boomed in the last five years and everyone wants to build their very own wine cellar! Occasionally, they are designed for smaller collectors with between 200 and 300 wine bottles, but sometimes they are built for collectors who have as many as 6000+ wine bottles!

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