Is It Wise to Invest in Wine Cabinets for Your Home?

A wine cabinet is vital for protecting the wine collection and is an important investment item. Whether you like to drink your wine young or let it age, you must store it in a climate-controlled environment. No matter how much you drink or keep, you need some place to store your precious wine and protect them from fluctuating temperature, humidity and excessive light.

This is why, it is important to consider including a wine storage solution to your home apart from other furniture. As underground cellars are expensive, wine cabinets are the best ways to protect your collection. Today, built-in storage cabinet installed in the kitchen area is the fastest growing trend in wine collecting.

Choosing the Right Wine Cabinet


There is an array of wine cabinets available in the market; some of them are attractive while some are extra spacious. As not all wine cabinets are same it is important to choose the one appropriate for your requirement wisely. But before going any further make sure you choose a wine cabinet and not a wine fridge or cooler.

As compared to wine fridge, wine cabinets are climate-controlled wine cellars that are designed to produce the natural environment found in the underground cellars. While choosing a cabinet there are few things to consider.

• One of the easiest ways to differentiate wine fridge from wine cabinet is that a good cabinet will always have wooden shelves, dark interiors, soft LED lights, humidity-management system and tinted glass.

• One should ask few questions such as: How many bottles you need to store? Where in the house you will place the cabinet? Are you looking for a cellar or serve with your wine cabinet?

• Before zeroing down to one make sure you have enough space in the cabinet so that you can go on adding more collection.

• Avoid placing the cabinet in direct sunlight; therefore, choose between built-in or freestanding models.

• While single-temp cabinets are ideal for cellaring, multi-temp models are designed to serve reds and whites at the proper drinking temperature.

• Furthermore, whether you are opting for online retailers or for brick and mortar shop, you should take time to search and visit to the showroom or retailer’s website.

• Always compare prices so that you can get the best deal. But, never get tempted by low prices because you can end up with a low quality cabinet that can damage your collection.

It is important to remember that the cost of wine cabinets depends on size, climate-control features and finishes. The right choice of cabinet depends largely on the function, capacity, design and most importantly budget.

Is It Important to Invest on A Wine Cabinet?

The answer to this question lies in the fact that wine should be protected from humidity, climate, etc. In order to do this a proper cellaring is needed, hence for perfect maturation of your wine you need wine cabinets to store.

If you don’t have a wine cabinet or a proper cellar, your wine will be affected within few months. Temperature fluctuations are not good for your wine; the heat that swings in temperature can ruin your wine. Environment affects wine in various ways such as heat can cook your wine that result in an unpleasant flavor.

Vibrations can deteriorate the body of your wines and accelerate the ageing process. Sunlight and UV light can make them lifeless and dull and can strip them from their natural flavor. Moreover, lack of ventilation can cause mould to grow on the labels and corks.

Dry environments can turn your wine brown and make the cork brittle and dry out. It also oxidizes the wine as it allows air into the bottle. Therefore, investing in wine cabinets is a good way to protect your collection from the harsh environmental elements.