What Must You Consider When Constructing A Wine Cellar?

The purpose of a wine cellar is primarily to store wine properly and to increase the value of the inventory. However, the objective of a wine room is to entertain or to display the collection. Having your own wine cellar at home is always a great idea because you will be able to enter your own home wine cellar and host a small wine tasting party.

But only some people can afford to add a wine cellar in their home and most of the time they use the do-it-yourself method. There are also several wine refrigeration appliances that boasts longer storage capacity. As wine cellar is a completely sealed room independent of the rest of your home. It must be spacious and must have little or no fluctuation in temperature or humidity.

Wine Cellar Design Considerations


To begin with a wine cellar must have a different environment altogether even before installing climate control units. The room must have minimal exposure to vibration. Here are few things that you should consider while designing wine cellar:

• The first and the most important factor to consider in wine storage is the room temperature. The lower the temperature, the slower a wine develops. Usually wine must be kept at a constant temperature between 50 and 590 F. Apart from temperature, direct sunlight can have negative effect on wine in terms of storage.

• Second thing to consider is the wine cellar size, style and the space. As size and style of the wine room depends on the number of bottles and location, space of the wine room must not be directly exposed to the sunlight.

• Next is to consider the size and type of wood for the wine rack. As different wine cellar construction services offer different wine racking solutions, this is why wine racks come in various sizes such as eight feet, seven feet and six feet heights. The type of wood also defines the quality of the wine rack. As wood play a vital role in boosting glamour of the wine display therefore picking up the right and durable type of wood is important.

• You should also consider the wine cellar door such as its design, size and other specifications. To ascertain maximum performance wine cellar flooring is also another important consideration. A good tip, don’t use carpets in your wine cellar and always opt for wood flooring.

• Some other factors to consider are lights, style of your wine cellar such as contemporary, modern, etc. There are many things to be taken into account, but if you hire professional wine cellar designer, they will be able to guide you in making a perfect wine cellar design.

Wine Cellar Cooling Units

Wine cellar cooling system is the most important thing while creating a wine cellar. As compared to home air conditioning units, wine cellar cooling equipment is totally different that are engineered specially to control the humidity and temperature level inside. If you want to promote proper wine aging and cooling then you should maintain a controlled environment condition. Wall-mounted cooling unit is one of the most popular types that are designed to vent to an adjacent air-conditioned space.

Self-contained cooling unit is also a good cooling unit that can be place inside the wine room or in an adjacent room and vented to the wine room through insulated ducts. Split system is another cooling unit that can handle more extreme temperature levels. The evaporator of it is installed inside the cellar while the condenser is placed outside or to an adjacent room. Some other things while considering a cooling equipment for your wine cellar is the size of the cellar, installation, noise levels and other things such as price, length of the warranty and licensed technician.