WhisperKOOL, Vinotheque Wine Cellar Cooling Units

WhisperKOOL Cooling Units are available as split cooling systems, wall mounted cooling units, and ducted units. These wine cellar coolers service a variety of different sized cellars, some as small as 300 cubic feet and others as large as 2000 cubic feet. The WhisperKOOL System is reliable and expertly engineered. Furthermore, these cooling units are easy to use and install.

These units cool your wine cellar slowly. As the temperature cools the relative humidity rises. This creates the perfect environment for aging wine. In addition, if you are facing extreme weather conditions WhisperKOOL has an Extreme Series that can handle temperatures ranging from 32°F to 100°F! The Split System can also face extreme temperatures and still expertly protect your wine collection!

Split Systems are expertly built and designed. These units are made to obtain the ideal temperature and humidity necessary, for the long term aging and storage of your wine collection. These cooling systems are engineered so that the evaporator stays inside the wine cellar, while the condenser can be placed either inside or outside. This provides a lot of flexibility with the placement of your cooling system.

WhisperKOOL also offers In Ceiling Split Systems. These coolers are an excellent way to save space within your wine cellar, and allow for more wine racks and overall room. By mounting the evaporator above the wine cellar it can be painted and positioned so that it blends right in and disappears! These units gather the warm air that accumulates near the ceiling, cool it down, and then disperse it throughout the cellar. They are perfectly designed for smaller wine cellars!

Ceiling Mount

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