Wine Racking Peg Systems: The Secret to Floating Wine Bottles

Wine racking and cellaring has become a form of art. It isn’t enough anymore to just have your wine stored safely down in your basement. Nowadays you need to also have a certain look and a little bit of pizazz and spark when it comes to your wine storage. Glamour has always been a major part of the wine drinking experience, so why not have a little bit of fun setting up the perfect wine cellaring system?

There are a lot of easy ways to add excitement to your wine cellar. Wine Racking Peg Systems add an element of mystery to your wine cellar, because these pegs can make your wine bottles look like they are floating! These Peg Systems are an excellent way to make your cellar look more modern. Although, the setup of these systems can be slightly cumbersome the end result is pretty spectacular!

Wine Wall

If you are interested in obtaining the floating wine bottle look without all the hassle Rosehill Wine Cellars has the solution! Vintage View Metal Wine Racks have the same sleek and stylish modern design, but still come as full wine racks rather than individual pegs. Vintage View Wine Racks have a label forward design where the bottle lies on its side with the label facing out. Therefore, these wine racks are also great wherever there is limited space for example, behind a door or in a narrow hallway.

Vintage View

Vintage View Wine Racks are available in single depth, double depth, or triple depth. These wine racks also offer a presentation rack, and storage for your larger wine bottles such as magnums. In order to achieve the optimal floating effect, it is best to match the wall colour closely with the wine racks so that the wine racks can blend in and disappear!

Check out Rosehill Wine Cellars for all of your wine storage and wine drinking needs!