Building your wine cellar is a very exciting process, but it can also be over whelming and a bit confusing. Rosehill Wine Cellars is here to help make the process as fun and exciting as it should be! It can be a bit intimidating to figure out all of the details, but we have a team of experts who have been doing this for years!

Figuring out your wine racking style and layout is one of the crucial first steps. We have several different wine racking options available. Our Modular Wine Racking Kits are essentially ‘do it yourself’ cellar design kits. Rosehill Wine Cellars also carries and manufactures Premier Cru Wine Racking Kits. These are by far the best quality wooden kit wine racks available!

Here are a couple quick questions and points to look out for when planning your wine cellar.

  • It is important to know if the intended cellar area is well insulated, with a vapour barrier, and fully drywalled walls.
  • Another key question is what wine bottle capacity are you aiming for? How many magnums or half bottles are you interested in storing? Magnums and half bottles require a different style racking. Therefore, it is important to plan ahead, and have a rough estimate of how many you are planning to store.
  • What style of racking are you looking for? Bin style wine racking is a great way to store similar sized wine bottles together.
  • Are you considering incorporating a table for tasting or unloading cases of wine?
  • Do you want a tasting niche?

Tasting Niche

  • Do you want a cooling unit? You can also opt for a wine cellar that does not have a cooling mechanism. However, it is highly recommended that you have a wine cellar cooling unit.

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