Liebherr Stainless Steel Wine Fridges

Liebherr Wine Fridges are recognized worldwide for their superior engineering. Renowned for their wine refrigeration technology, Liebherr is a German manufacturer. Liebherr Wine Coolers feature a beautiful stainless steel design ideal for any modern setting. These wine fridges are excellent high quality wine storage solutions for your wine collection.

At Rosehill Wine Cellars we carry a wide variety of Liebherr products, including built-in wine cabinets, free-standing, indoor or outdoor wine fridges, as well as beverage centers. With their elegant European design these wine coolers are sure to look magnificent in your home!


Liebherr Wine Coolers feature specific electronic controls with digital displays that are guaranteed to keep your wine at a constant temperature. They also feature extendable wooden shelving, charcoal filters to purify incoming air, and dimmable LED lighting. These exceptional features are just some of the marvelous components that Liebherr has to offer.

Another great Liebherr quality is that unlike other wine fridges that only feature a cooling mechanism, Liebherr also features a heating function. This is ideal because it means that your wine will be stored at the perfect temperature. This also means that there will be minimal temperature fluctuations.

Liebherr also offers both single and dual temperature wine fridges. Dual temperature cabinets are perfect for those who would like to keep their red and white wines ready to serve. Single temperature fridges are better for storing and aging wine. Liebherr also offers a three zone cabinet. This cabinet is usually configured so that the top two zones are used for serving, while the bottom zone is used for storage.

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